Holiday Season resort discount out!

Disney released a holiday season discount this morning! Both room only (see link) and package. http:/


This is looking to me like a perfect case of much ado about nothing, unfortunately. The number of people I think will be helped by the room-only discount, at least, is slim. There seems to be almost nothing available during my dates (and Iā€™m hearing this from a lot of people) except club-level and other specialty-category rooms. POR is advertised, for instance, but nothing comes up in a search but royal rooms.

It certainly has done exactly what Disney wanted it to. When I looked 2 hours ago, there were standard rooms at Caribbean Beach and All Star Sports. Those are now gone. So Disney got quite a few reservations out of it, and at least a few people saved some money!

I agree - it did nothing for me and also for a friend who is going during the time frame and a different resort. Bummed - was hoping for some sort of a discount.

The free dining offer was definitely a much better deal than this offer.