Holiday Overlay off by Jan 20?

I forgot to ask this in my last post! Last time we came to DL/DCA in January Small World and Jungle Cruise were closed due to taking off the holiday overlay decor. Does anyone know when the transition will be done? We will be there Sat Jan 20, and Jan 22, 23, 24. Thanks!

Jungle cruise is not getting the “Jingle Cruise” treatment this year (and I am heart broken!), so that one will not be down, at least for that reason. Haunted Mansion is scheduled to go down for its transition Jan 8. I am unsure about Small World though. If I run across any other info I will be sure to post.

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Thank you! We were SO sad to miss Small World last time. I’m hopeful it will be up in time!

There is a list of current and known future refurbishments and closures at DLR and DCA right here on the TP website. I keep it bookmarked for reference:

Last year we arrived feb 2. Small world opened back up that day or the day before. Jungle cruise was similar, haunted mansion may have been opened but I feel like it was still closed. (My kids would hate that one so we didn’t even try to go on that one.)

Small world typically will go down once they have Haunted Mansion back up after removing its overlay. If memory serves me correctly they’ll have Haunted Mansion go down on a Monday and by the Fri or Sat before the Mon that marks 2 weeks they’ll have it back. They’ll have both Haunted Mansion & Small World up for that weekend & then on Monday have Small world go down for a similar time period. Sat Jan 20th falls right into that weekend where you should see both of them up, so I would plan to have it’s a small world in your first 2 days because likely it will go down by Monday on your 3rd day.
Again, this is based off historical information & as everything with Disneyland subject to change. But either way, I hope this works out for you to be able to enjoy it’s a small world!

I happen to know that HM goes down on the 8th of January (2nd day of our trip). We are making sure to get on it the 7th, before it goes down, as well as California Screamin in DCA which is getting its Pixar makeover.

I just looked through the refurb schedule posted on Disneyland’s calendar & Haunted Mansion is schedule to come back up Fri Jan 19th. it’s a small world is also now on the refurb schedule but doesn’t start until Mon Jan 22nd. I would make sure to plan for small world early in the day on the 20th leaving as much time to come back & check if it’s down unexpectedly at some point in the one day you have to do it.