Holiday Inn $ Suites, Walnut Street

Hi! We booked holiday inn on Walnut Street because we thought it was walkable (their website sells them very well haha).
Now we hear it’s not so walkable.
Anyone have the deets? Or tips on getting to DL from there? Best walking path maybe?

It looks like you are really close to the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure. You could walk to the parking lot tram and go in from there. There is a previous discussion about this earlier, as I had asked about using the parking tram.

Or you can walk down Walnut to Magic Way and walk through the Disneyland Hotel complex, then you would walk through Downtown Disney to the entrance of the parks.

Oh and the other option is to take the ARTS shuttle from the hotel the to park. You can purchase a multi-day pass and they will take you from the hotel to the park, but it is like a bus system, so it will make other stops.

Thanks so much!