Holiday 2022 discounts

I’m starting to lose sleep thinking we’re not going to see any room discounts/other discounts (not military) after September. Anyone have any insight?


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Seems unlikely since rooms are booking up quite fully at the moment.

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Thanks for the welcome! That’s been my worry. I just need a little something to make me feel better, lol.

I think they will release something, but it will probably be quite limited and you’ll be lucky to find availability.


I agree! Availability already feels so limited.

Omg I check every day… first at the equivalent of 12pm EST and again after 7am EST. It feels like they have released some kind of discount for every season no matter how booked up they have been. Sometimes it’s hard to take advantage of (like if they require park hopper or a minimum number of nights stay) but there’s always something! I am hopeful that after the Sept. 30th deal for Disney Plus runs out they have something pegged to follow. Or all this obsessing is for naught…