Holding Luggage at Grand Floridian on last day

We are checking out on Thanksgiving day but spending the entire day in the park. Will Grand Floridian hold our luggage at the stand while we are at the park? that way we can ride the monorail back and then turn our kingdom stroller back in and pick up our luggage?

Yes. They should do. We did something similar when we stayed at AKL last year.

Yup! Bell Services will hold it. They’ll give you a ticket when you drop it off. When you’re done at the park, just go back to the resort and exchange the ticket for your bags. Disney makes it easy.

Or better still, if you are flying out of MCO you can use the Resort Airline Check-In Service. Check your baggage for your flight at the resort in the morning and never have to deal with it until you get to your destination airport. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/resort-airline-check-in/