Hogwarts Strategy with early access

I customized a Saturday AM touring plan for July using early access as I’ll be staying at a Universal resort. Started at rope drop at Gringott’s since early access is only available to USF in July 2018. Plan was to then take train over to Forbidden Journey. BUUUT…I now see that my plan to leave USF by Hogwarts Express King’s Cross station at 8:30 won’t work because train doesn’t start till 9 am. Is that accurate? If so, I’m already planning a one day/ two park early access All WWOHP plan per Touring Plans premium plan. So my main goal for Saturday was to cover both USF and IOA non-Potter rides on Saturday. Was trying to squeeze Gringott’s and Forbidden Journey into the early access period. Since IOA has no early access in July 2018, will I get to Forbidden Journey in time if I’m in line for the train right after riding Escape from Gringott’s at early access rope drop. I intend to finish most of IOA in the morning on Saturday ending with the wet rides then changing at the hotel locker room to dry clothes, lunch, and finish the afternoon in USF with non-Potter rides. I NEED MY GURU’S!!! Leaving in a few short weeks and thought I had this all straight but maybe not.

The general consensus has been that since Hogwarts Express does not start running until 9, people who went directly to IOA first and entered through the front are getting to Forbidden Journey first because IOA will open a little before 9. That’s not to say you will necessarily have a huge wait, but you will not be one of the first people.

Makes sense. If there is a long wait, we will do Forbidden Journey Saturday near closing or on the All Potter Sunday itinerary.

The queue line is really worth paying attention to on Forbidden Journey, so a slight wait will actually allow you to better enjoy the queue line. If you don’t have any wait, you’ll miss out on some of the cool things in the queue.

I suppose, since you plan to do an All Potter day, it won’t matter.

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