Hogwarts Express Train at Universal Orlando

We do not have a park hopper pass for our upcoming trip; however, we do have 1 extra day of tickets that we are not going to use. Being so, can we ride the Hogwarts Express between the parks and just use 2 days of tickets? (We bought 4 days of tickets but can only use 3 now and have never ridden Hogwarts Express)

Probably not. Universal is pretty rigid about their fine print / rules, especially if you bought your tickets as part of a package. It never hurts to stop by Guest Services at the park to ask, but be prepared to hear a “No” answer.

The answer you’ll, probably, get is that your tickets don’t expire right away and you can come back. I say all this having asked Universal to be flexible on other items in the past.

No you can’t use 2 days of tickets on the same day. You must have a park hopper to go on the Hogwarts Express or to enter 2 parks on the same day.


So not only can we not get from park to park using 2 days of tickets but we can’t get into 2 parks on the same day at all? Wow. I had no idea. Good to know…


That’s right. If you don’t have park hopper then you have single park tickets - you can go in and out of the same park only.


You can upgrade your tickets at kiosks right at Kings Cross Station and Hogsmeade Station or at the park entrance. I thinks it’s $60 per ticket to turn them in park-to-park / “park hopper” tickets for that single day.