Hogwart's Express if there is timed WWHP entry?

Planning to use the 2 Parks 2 Days Premium Plan on a Crowd Level 9 Day in July.

It seems that when WWHP reaches capacity they stop entry for a while. We’ll be there for early entry as staying on site so hopefully few initial issues with that will returning to get the Hogwart’s Express, in the middle of the day, as described in the plans might be problematic – I assume this is peak time. Or is access to the Hogwarts Express separate?

I would THINK access to Hogwarts is seperate as both ends of it are outside the main areas of WWOHP. On Hogmead - you get off the train and then take a very short walk to Hogsmead. On Diagon Alley side you actually EXIT onto “the streets of London” and then have to specifically go into Diagon Alley. I would THINK the Train is always running. However if LINES are crazy long - you may be better off just hoofing it back or altering you plans to stay in the one park for the balance of the day.

They haven’t had to resort to timed entry for about 2years now. It doesn’t happen anymore as crowds are split between both wwohp. The only time its been used recently was NY 2014 I think. So you won’t have a problem.


All I can say is WWOHP is rockin awesome. Make sure you take time out to do the “little” things. Don’t miss nocturn alley (very easy to walk right past it). Also the wand ceremony at Olivander’sis really cool. The WIZARD we had was REALLY into it. Just a fun “extra” little thing.

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