Hogwarts express & Express pass


Hi all
I have the express pass (not unlimited) as only going for one day. Does anyone know if I can use it to go on the Hogwarts express twice? E.g. hogsmeade to london then London to housemate. From what I have read they are different experiences not sure if they are classed as different rides?
Any help appreciated



I don’t know the answer to the question but will say that I’ve never seen long queues at hogwarts express regardless

I guess many in the parks don’t have park hopper?

And the trains can take a lot of people at a time


I am surprised you have not seen long lines for the Hogwarts Express! Last time I went, even with EP, we waited quite a bit. And I have seen some incredibly long lines, though not all the time.


Same here… HE was one of our longest waits, and that was before EP was accepted.


I’ve only done hogwarts with express pass. But not seen big queues even without it.

Maybe we fell lucky