Hogsmeade Has EE, But How To Get Into Diagon Earliest

This one is for @Skubersky mostly.

What’s the best option for getting into Diagon Alley early when Hogsmeade/IoA has the resort early entry option? I’m staying on site in April, and I want to get into Diagon as early as possible because I want to get picked to do the wand show at Ollivanders.


Take the Hogwarts Express at regular park opening.

The wand shop is at Hogsmeade unless they built another one that didn’t notice the last time I was there.


There’s now four ‘rooms’ for Ollivander’s: one in Hogsmeade and three in Diagon. I assume my chances are better in Diagon and want to hedge my bets there.

If you have early entry, you can take the train from IOA 30 min before USF opens, or walk into Diagon through USF at around the same time. Other way you’ll be in before Gringotts starts running. Even on busy days I’ve never seen a wait at Olivanders in the first hour, usually I’m the only one in the show.

Read these pages for more info:

Your chances of being picked for the wand show are the same at either location - the fact that DA has more rooms does not change this. If you really want to do it, go to Olli’s first at Hogsmeade during EE and repeat until you get picked. To increase your chances, wear Harry Potter garb (scarfs, robes, etc.) and be enthusiastic.

BTW, when we went the wand show was one of the best interactive experiences I have seen at WDW or UOR. The CMs who do it are great!

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