Hoax Disney Password Reset Email


Heads up that earlier today, I received a VERY believable email from what appeared to be Disney Member Services about my password reset request.

While I hadn’t requested it, I had been on the Disney website earlier today and messed up my password which made it seem like a password reset email might be possible.

It had the Disney colours, Disney-like language and no spelling errors. It didn’t sit well though, so I expanded the email address and sure enough, the expanded address was clearly bogus.

Bottom line, I didn’t click on the button and deleted the email. However, I am a little weirded out that I got a Disney-specific email like this.

Does anyone who knows more about this type of thing than me think that this is a mere coincidence or just a phishing expedition? Should I be concerned about my actual Disney account or should I go about my business as is?


When that happens with things like Instagram or Uber to me (which happened last week), I change my password on that site and make sure 2 factor authentication is on. My friend got an email last week that appeared to be from Disney Photopass, asking her to approve them to transfer her info and photos to DL Paris. Clearly a scam as well. She opted to just ignore it and hasn’t mentioned any further issues. I would probably change my password just to be safe.


By any chance, is your email mactavk@ something? (ie, could they have deduced your email from your user name here or another Disney focused website?)

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Good question, but no it’s not the root of my email address. I’ll probably reset my password as a precaution as Wahoohokie suggested.


I got one too, saying someone logged into espn and to change my password. I did click on it, but the website didn’t look like anything I’ve ever signed up for. So I did NOT change my password through that site and closed the page, but probably will change my pw (through the legit website) just to be safe