Historical weather data

Where do you all like to look for historical weather data.

Weather Underground


I always liked this


Another vote of Weather Underground


Agreed, weather underground, although I don’t trust their precipitation history. There are days when I was there and know it rained and they show zero.

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No good can come from looking at weather forecasts or historical data. It can only bring misery.

Even day-of forecasts can be at best misleading and at worst plain wrong.

Last December whilst at Pop I woke up to this:

That was live radar data. Tornados. Right over my head. Trip ruined. Life at risk.

Well, not so much. It rained a bit. I was overcautious and went to see a movie at Disney Springs. When I arrived at DS there was drizzle. When I emerged from the movie theatre, it was dry.

Or take this year’s hurricane. Which affected WDW not at all. Well, it did. It cleared the parks out and gave @Randall1028 his best WDW vacation ever. He sat on MFSR for three solid hours, riding round and round and round without ever needing to get off.


And later that day it looked like this:

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I"m mostly interested in the historical highs and lows. I am afraid that the range in temperatures might it more challenging to pack.

Did you see the charts on the all ears link?

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Yes. That you very much.
I was responding to Matt insomuch as I don’t need nitty gritty vs range. This link is good.