Historical refurb data

Here is my conundrum… We arrive 11/30 (driving so will be at RD at AK on this date) and planned on spending the entire day at AK (currently rated 8) also happens that this is the final day haunted mansion is available… Do I use no FPP+ at AK to get one at HM and 2 others we want or use my FPP+ for AK and then just go with standby for HM. Also, relevant is we have an ADR for chef mickeys 8pm and it is the night of MVMCP for which we do not have tickets. Any historical data on the effect of last night ride closing on standby wait times?

so you won’t be spending the entire day at AK… you’ll be park hopping yes?

The HM standby has the interactive queue which is a blessing and a curse in that it keeps people occupied, but IMO, it also slows it down because people will just stop to entertain themselves.

if HM is more important than the attractions at AK, or if that’s going to be your only chance to experience it, then you might want to consider rope dropping AK and using your FPP’s for HM/MK later on.

Yes. Plenty of historical data. Look at the recent Backlot tour or the upcoming Maelstrom. Or, Snow White. Or, TT before refurb. Etc. Etc. Compare final day against the same day in the previous year.

I’m assuming that you have another MK day planned… I would actually consider inverting your plans. Hit MK at RD and go straight to the HM and ride standby. Then maybe catch a few other rides before the lines build. Then hop to AK. If you have FPPs for big attractions there, it shouldn’t be a problem doing them as well as others that you may want to do. Then leave AK and head to your 8 PM CM dinner…

Thanks Sam! Will look at those!

Yes I did consider that and may look at it again. Some more details about our trip … We currently have ADR @ Rainforest Cafe in AK for 1pm ( personally not a fan but the kiddos insisted)… Originally we wanted to keep MK as the final park we visited to kind of build excitement but now that we would have to visit MK the first day we may just shift other plans.

In addition, we already have and ADR for Crystal Palace at 8:05 and at CRT in the evening. Really wishing that Disney had to release their schedules as early as we have to plan for them