Historical crowds for 2018 HHN

Hi. I’m trying to see if there is any way to check the historical crowds for 11/01/18 and 11/02/18 at HHN. We are scheduled to go gain this year on 10/09/19 and 10/10/19. Trying to see if I think we will need Express HHN passes. Last year we purchased them for one night. But this year we are going on a Wednesday and Thursday night and we are hoping it won’t be necessary.

They don’t keep crowd levels for the HHN event itself, that I am aware of. Or are you asking about crowd levels in the parks during those days? I am going to tag @brerbeer again, but he doesn’t get on here very often. He has gone for several years and may have a good feel for what days are more likely to need Express Pass. I believe the general opinion is that once you get into October, almost any night can really benefit from Express Pass, but I have only been once, so I don’t consider myself an expert. I think @PrincipalTinker may have also gone a couple years, but I might be mixing up Liners now!

I think youll be okay if your goal is to split the event. We did two nights last year without (first time) hit the sound stages from Finnegans then moved toward the back of the park. Next night went to the sound stage we couldn’t get to because of crowds then repeated the back of the park. Of course its always dependent on which houses get placed where and popularity of the house. Orlando Informer is a great resourse and when the map is released will give their recommendations and touring plan. Happy Haunts!

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I looked at OI recommended dates from last year and the days you’re going this year fell into the moderate category. So not light and not heavy.