Historical Crowd Levels vs Jump To Date

I am trying to compare the crowd levels for our past trips but I am finding a discrepancy from the levels listed under the “Historical Crowds” tab vs. using the “Jump To Date” option.

Which one captures the accurate crowd levels for dates in prior years?

Thanks for you help.

Curious. What’s the discrepancy? There’s two numbers for past dates: a) what was predicted and b) what was actually seen.

So which one is which? I am wanting to find out what the “Actual” crowds were rather than what was “Predicted”.

Thanks again!

The ‘what was actually seen’ shows what was actually seen.

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I see what you are referring to, however, I am still perplexed as to why the levels under the “Jump To Dates” where it says “what we saw” don’t match up with the levels on the “Historical Crowds” calendar.

Take for instance, October 28, 2012 on the “Jump To Date” feature. It says “what we saw Resort Wide 4, Magic Kingdom 2, Epcot 3, Hollywood 5, Animal Kingdom 4”.

Under the Historical Crowds calendar, it states, “The crowd levels listed in our “historical” section are actual measurements using data collected from Walt Disney World Lines or from our own research team.” The levels on October 28, 2012 reported there are, “Resort 3, Magic Kingdom 3, Epcot 3, Hollywood 4, Animal Kingdom 4”.

This is why I am trying to figure out which one is accurate as they both state the numbers reported are actual but yet there is a discrepancy. It’s not just with that date, I just used October 28th as an example.

I am still confused…

I know TP adjusted the scale some time ago. Maybe that explains the discrepancy. Perhaps ask them? They are fantastic at replying quickly. webmaster@touringplans.com

Thanks! I just sent them an email.

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When you get an answer, would you be willing to share the info with us :blush:

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I understand and found this very confusing at first. For some reason, when you go to a certain month and year on the historical crowd calendar, you see all the dates and crowd levels listed one after another with their “predicted” crowd levels. TP doesn’t update them on this screen to represent “actual” crowd levels. You are still seeing the “predicted” levels. Only when you select a specific day or “jump to it” do you see the “actual” historical crowd levels. Why? I have no idea.

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This is still worth discussing, and I sent Len an email recently on it. When you view Historical Crowd Levels, you will see “what we predicted” levels rather than “what we actually saw” levels. Seems like showing reality would be infinitely more valuable.

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Totally agree. When I look at stock prices history I want to see what it closed at, not what someone predicted. Much more valuable. Both would be nice, but I want actual crowds without having to click on an individual date.