Hire car vs Uber

ContInning the process of second-guessing all my plans …

The current plan is to hire a standard SUV at MCO. Cost: roughly $600 for our nine night stay. Add in: $20 per day parking = $160. (We get free valet parking one of our days at Universal). Add in Uber from house to MK and return on arrival day. Total = $800. Plus gas.

Cost of Uber only = airport to house ($40) + 10 round trips to WDW/USF $400. Couple of shopping trips $40. Total = $480.

Even allowing for variations in costs, we’d save about $200.

But . . . what are the downsides?

Ignoring cost, would you choose hire car or Uber?

Uber, its just way easier than parking and driving. Even might save you an hour once you land at mco.

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I have never rented a car while at Disney. To be honest it is not the most glamorous way to go but I have had very few problems using Disney transportation. However there have been times when we had an early ADR or just didn’t feel like waiting for a bus and used Uber. As far as coming from the airport on ME the last 3 times I used it I was in my hotel just over an hour after landing.

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(ahem) I thought that we agreed at your last session that you were going to step away from the plans for a little while…

I prefer the convenience of having my own car vs using Uber because of flexibility. For example, on our UOR day we decided to not have dinner at the park and and stopped off at a restaurant on the way back to our WDW resort, and also stopped off at a supermarket to get a few more supplies. That would have involved 3 Uber for the return journey, with all the related waiting.

Also, do you need an SUV? You can probably get a better deal on a more reasonably sized vehicle.


I would stick with the rental BUT you do not have a very good deal on that, so keep looking around for a deal. We go every April for spring break for 11-12 days and have never paid more than $350 for a car, and usually only pay around $175 for that time period.The deals are out there! If you tell us what time/day you are arriving and leaving, we will find you a cheap car.


We agreed I wouldn’t tinker with FPPs and ADRs! (Let’s hope you didn’t see my thread about my FPP for Splash Mountain!)

Aaanyhoo … I booked with Alamo and, for reasons that aren’t clear to me, the standard SUV was considerably cheaper than the smallest car. In fact, it was the cheapest thing they had.

But, yeah … convenience. Hmm.

In other news I just bought the 2018 Unofficial Guide. (I already have the 2017.) Let’s hope it doesn’t give me any ideas …

(Not that any of this matters now that I have discovered that Orlando is infested with cockroaches, mosquitos and snakes! And that’s on top of baking temperatures and unbearable humidity. You’ve never seen me cancel a flight so quickly!)

Arriving MCO 8/24, departing 9/2. Like Alamo because of the skip-the-counter option.

Not knowing what time you arrive and depart, I plugged in noon for both. You can get a compact for $363.34 with Alamo using code 7014627 in the contract ID box. I will keep looking for an even better deal for you, but this saves you some cash. That code is the Costco membership discount code, but you don’t actually have to have a Costco account to use it. We love Alamo, mainly for the option of skipping the line and picking your car.

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Arrive 3pm, depart 5pm

I tried using your code :slight_smile: and got $390 – which is great!

However, my current higher price (ordered from the UK) of $570 includes second driver, collision damage waiver, extended protection, fuel service and satnav (all part of a bundle deal offered in the UK). If I add all that, the price jumps to $820.

Do you really need those things? We never add anything additional, our credit cards cover us if there is a problem. The US is known for trying to make you buy things you don’t need. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have you ever driven in the US? How do you feel about driving “on the wrong side of the road”? I think I would prefer someone else to do the driving if I went to the UK, especially if it saved money, but you will know what is best for you.

Well my travelling companion is American – the idea is we’ll share the driving. I’ve seen driving as being part of the whole experience: it’s a bit like another ride at WDW!


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European drivers do, because their insurance generally does not provide them coverage for cars rented outside of Europe.

@profmatt - My go-to resource for renting cars is carrentalsavers.com, but they admit that they do not and particularly good insurance rates for non-US renters. However, they do have and international site that has competitive packages that include all necessary insurance http://www.carhiresavers.com/

No, we discussed taking a completed break and, at most, rereading the Unofficial Guide for informational purposes only. I’m counting to three now, and if you don’t stop you are going to have to have a time-out.

And yes, I did see that thread - you will have a hard time going against the post-firework crowds to get to Splash from the Cali Grill.


I would vote for car rental. More control over when you want to leave and where you want to go. I assume you are not staying on site at Disney otherwise parking would be free. I will for sure drive to all parks except still can’t decide on MK. Too many mixed opinions on bus vs driving so I may play it by ear. I reserved a compact car for three of us for 9 days and total was around $165. That will be for end of Sept. Car rental prices fluctuates. Have you use Autoslash?

One of my mantras (which may seem ironic given how stressful all my planning has been!) is reduction of stress.

Those extras on the car hire give me reassurance. You read nightmare stories in the press about people screwed over by car hire companies. I want to avoid that.

From a financial perspective Uber feels the right way to go. From a convenience perspective car hire feels the right way to go – though how stress-free driving will be (especially after a long, hot, tiring day in the parks) I’m less clear. Even more questionable, given the “other side of the road” thing.

Uber drivers know where they’re going!

Can’t speak to driving on opposite side of road. I think it would be a toss up between wait for a bus after a long day and able to hop into a car and drive.

Now, how back up are the parking lots at night after park close…I don’t know. I do hate being stuck in a parking lot. Could some shed some light on this? :wink:

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It’s possible Inhave a problem :weary:

I will try harder tomorrow :kissing_heart:

We have been driving to all the parks for years, and have never had a problem leaving at close. The traffic flow is really good around WDW.


I am all about uber (actually I prefer Lyft). You can buy Uber or Lyft gift cards on line for a reduced rate to further the savings. You could buy $480 dollars worth of gift cards for roughly $450. Raise.com or Cardpool often have discounts or even target with a red card. We plan to supplement Disney transportation with Lyft.