Hilton Disney Springs Shuttle bus

Anyone have experience/knowledge about the shuttle bus at Hilton across from Disney Springs? Typically resort shuttles are horrible, I know, but just trying to get a feel for the schedule in December. Hoping I can take advantage of it once or twice where it fits in my plans so I can save a little out-of-pocket with ubering. I know I’m right across the street from Disney Springs buses too… but don’t think they’ll be running early enough to get to a park open.

I would personally just drive. I think the buses are shared with some to the other hotels. If you are a “let’s get there” kind of person - I think your head will explode.

If you are outside and by chance the bus is there - go for it - but I would just drive.

I don’t have any experience with the hotel shuttle, but you cannot take a bus from Disney Springs to a park unfortunately. Otherwise I think the DS parking lot would be full of offsite people. You could try a bus to the Contemporary, but I definitely don’t think they run prior to rope drop.

I have no recent advice - we haven’t stayed at the Hilton by Disney Springs for a long time - but at the time I do remember finding the bus situation quite painful. They ran at set times, not terribly often, and parked about as far away as you could get at the parks. Things may have changed now, hopefully someone will be able to give you a more recent update!

We stayed at the Hilton for our first DIS trip, but that was around a decade ago so I’m not sure how relevant it is now. But just in case, then the bus run once an hour to each of the parks. It shared with a total of 6 DS hotels as well so lots of stops. It was worth asking what time is pickup at each park as if you missed it, you were looking at an hour wait. Some of the pickup areas were literally in the middle of a parking lot too - no shade etc.

Unless they have overhauled the bus service greatly, I would plan on a car rental or heavy Uber/Lyft use to get to/from the parks. If you caught a bus at the right time, great, but it was not great service.