Highly Suspicious EP touring plan

My TP seems to think my non-RD standby wait for Soarin’ can be 14 minutes. :joy: I suspect my TP consumed a hallucinogen. Thoughts? Is it possible?


That Anna and Elsa m&g seems off too…

It might not be off. I looked at wait times a lot before our trip in January. For a park open of 9 a.m. I saw a dip in wait times around 10-10:30 after the RD crowd hits all the headliners but before the rest of the crowd arrives. Also, during our trip Soarin’ was mostly around 20-30 minutes (apart from the RD crowd and early afternoon).

For Frozen and Elsa/Anna we were surprised at the wait times. Frozen was only 30 minutes. Anna and Elsa were about 15-25 most of the time. I think Frozen mania is starting to wane.

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It seems counter intuitive, but there is usually a lull at these attractions once the RD rush has gotten through it. So many ppl run to these rides at RD that once the initial push has gotten in you’ll be surprised how quickly you can get on. IMHO - if you aren’t the the very front of the pack at RD it’s better to go do multiple “smaller” / less popular rides that you can walk on with little / no wait than stand in a 20 - 30 RD rush to the big “E-Ticket” rides.

TPs did a video about this in regards to 7DMT

Here’s another about RD at Epcot of the “big 3” rides

Plus, you are using a TP to find out the more accurate wait times and be more efficient . So many ppl just wander around getting in the closest thing ignoring the wait.

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interesting! thank you for the videos. I’ll make sure to check them out

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