High crowds October 8th?

I noticed that there are high crowd levels on October 8th and October 10th. Does any know why those days are high?? We will be there that week and I was curious if schools were out or something. I can’t find any event going on besides HHN. Thanks!

Columbus Day is the 12th. Maybe because of the three day weekend?

Also a large number of schools across the nation schedule fall breaks the week before and the week of Columbus day. And don’t forget Food and Wine is running at EPCOT

Crowds are typically high for that October fall break/Columbus day long weekend.

Including ours. If they would just have break the next week instead, crowds would be sooooo much better.

I just don’t think a 9 can be accurate for a Tuesday even with the following Monday being Columbus Day.

October 7th is a 2, October 8th is a 9 and October 9th is a 5. Weird.

I thought it looked out of place and weird too to have a crowd level that high just for one day.

Yom Kippur starts that evening (just before sunset) and continues through the next day, so maybe they’re expecting a very large pre-holy day crowd?

I’ve been puzzling over this day for months. If you flip over to the WDW tracker, Oct 6, 7, 8, and 9 are crowd levels 4, 5, 3, and 6. At UOR they are 3, 2, 9, and 5. I can’t make heads or tails out of that level 9 on Tuesday, October 8.

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I am following this - it is baffling. We booked our trips for Oct 5 - Oct 8, months ahead, based on touringplans/unoffical guide recommendations of the calendar and looking at ticket prices, etc. We knew Halloween nights were going on but planned to do volcano bay and other things in town/hotel on Oct 5 and 6 - Sat and Sunday - when we expected the crowds to be greatest at Universal bc of HHN. Then do Universal and IOA on Monday and Tuesday, when there were no HHN. (we have little kids and want to totally avoid HHN and crowds as much as possible). But now Tuesday is predicted to be a 9?? with Monday a 2 and Wednesday a 3?? What am I missing?

We don’t know whether to ignore this 9 prediction and just roll the dice, or to plan to stay away on Tuesday, and instead go on Sunday and Monday. Could Sunday really be only a 3?

A couple years ago, I went to UOR during HHN. I did not find the crowds in the park during the day to be impacted much. We still had lowish crowds, even with HHN that night. I think most people (not all, but most) come only for HHN and are not even in the parks during the day. You could always look at historical data for Sunday nights during HHN to see what the actual crowds were to help ease your mind as well.

Good idea rebeecky - it does look like Sunday in October is historically really low. Dont know why but we will go with that instead of Tuesday! Thank you!