Hidden Mickeys


What are your favorite "Hidden Mickeys" in WDW? Mine is the huge one in Animal Kingdom Park. The island of flamingos shaped like a Mickey head smile


I love the classic hidden mickey in the dishes on the table at HM. My next favourite is the one made by rocks at the bottom of the Living Seas tank in Epcot; I was lucky enough to spot it while snorkling in the tank when Mickey appeared for a dive! Pretty darn magical. smile


That one at the bottom of Living Seas is my favorite, too.


Speaking of, I picked this out of my fruit cup the other day!!


Blueberry Mickey!


Next time you're at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, look for the "Hidden Tinkerbell" outside the attraction. A silhouette!


Ds11 found the bobbers in splash. Very cute!!




Mine are all the different ones in the mural at Rakifi's Planet Watch 😀


The mural is fantastic. I like the ostrich.


I like simba and Jafar in the rocks at AKL, but my favorite hidden Mickey is in Splash Mountain when he is in the clouds laying down in the final scene


We LOVE Hidden Mickeys !! My daughter found this one in her cereal before heading out to the parks on our trip last year. You should have heard her squeal with joy !!


Where are Simba & Jafar!?


My favorite is in AK near EE, by all the hiking gear near the bathrooms. Going to try and post my 1st picture on the forum of Kermit finding the hidden Mickey...


Near the gorillas


Oooo I see them! Thank you @keithloveswaffles!