HHN Universal Monsters Unmasked Which Phantom of the Opera?

Which Phantom of the Opera movie is the house based on? I like to watch them to prepare and I am running out of time LOL! Need to watch it tonight or tomorrow but it seems there is a 1943 and a 1925 version?

This image looks like neither of them:



but I suppose slightly more like 1925

Gonna go with Lon Chaney

It’s Lon Chaney!

It seems that the Invisible Man, Phantom, Dr. Jekyll and Quasimodo area all raving the streets of Paris the last few nights!’

That’s the premise! It’s got a great entry room!

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I found the full list so I’m going off this for all four of 'em:

Then a bit of jump in time:

Can I watch all four of 'em in the next three days. I think so since one is short film and I can do one on the plane!

I finished all the TV shows and saw the new Exorcist but I couldn’t make myself watch all 8 Chucky movies. I just cannot even understand why there are 8 of them. But I did watch the 2 seasons of the show and they had movie flashbacks to make it make sense so I assume I can follow the house based on that.

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I’m very very excited!

You should be! Last year Monsters was my #1 house and it’s my #4 this year. (It was great, but had amazing competition from 3 other houses!)

It’s an original concept in the maze so pretty much any of them except the horrible movie musical.

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LOL, the true horror film?

I watched Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde last night which was more like a lesson in where we’ve come in 110 years in the movie industry and it was rough (like watching something a high school class made!). But I also watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame (the silent film from a mere 100 years ago) and it was really good. Silent film and all and I was completely engaged in the film story and the characters and thought the acting was great. However, it’s very much not a horror film and Quasimodo is still an extremely sympathetic character.


I went to Prom with the great grand niece of Lon Chaney…(or at least she claimed to be!)

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Neat. I claim Amelia Earhart (my great great grandmas cousin) and Lizzie Borden according to ancestry and my grandma.

So in other words my adventurous nature and slightly crazy emotions are genetic though I’ve YET to axe anyone. Lol.


Could your prom date act?

Yep! We met through high school drama activities

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