HHN 31 Updates & News

Have a great time!!

Maybe I’ll see y’all there!! I get there on Saturday Sept. 17. IOA is are open until 9pm. I’m hoping that will make the odds of it all happening greater. (weather permitting!)

I’m going to pop over to CityWalk after IOA closes and then HHN for as long as I can go.

My philosophy with all shows is to do them first when I can. Too many factors like weather, wind or even early closings can blow up a plan to see a show. (Especially if you only planned it once in the trip!)


Pics if there’s a liner meet please!! :smiley:


I’m not sure how late we’ll be out on Saturday… we have a 7am flight on Sunday.

What time do you arrive?

No worries! I’m not actually trying to plan a meet. I have my own plans and am looking forward to being solo those first couple of days

Taylor’s videos are always very informative.


It really helped put my HHN expectations in perspective. My “goal” now is to see at least 4 houses each night with a mix of rides / food / shows. This should allow me to see all the houses if it’s busy next week or rains heavy.

(I still think I’ll get A LOT done after 11pm / midnight)


I am wondering all of your opinions on having one maybe two days with my family at Universal October 6 and 7. We are staying at cabana bay and then going to spend the rest of the week at our favorite spot on the beach. We get in around 10 PM on the 5th and have all day on the 6th and part of the day on the 7th before we drive to the Gulf.

My kids are 17, 15, 12 and definitely love horror movies so I’m sure I would enjoy HHN. We have been to the parks many times in the past but they still love rides. I’m just looking at trying to get the most bang for my buck since we are a family of five. Options are to do HHN with the scream early ticket to get into UOR at 3pm. I’m thinking we could ride some of the rides and then head over for the scream and stay. I don’t think we’re going to want to go to all of the houses in one night so but they are night owls and could make it to 2 AM especially with us getting to the park late. The problem with this would be no IOA. When I looked at ticket prices to do both parks that day I had some sticker shock. It seems that universal has significantly raised their prices? I’m not sure if it would be worth it, and we would burn out earlier.

We could just do park only tickets and experience some of the decorations and hopefully the death eaters over in Hogsmead. I’m leaning towards HHN but am wondering if there’s anything else I’m missing? Thanks a lot guys! I’ll ask my family for their input too but so far everyone was mixed!

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IMHO - It will come down to how late your family wants to be out. If they really can stay out past midnight, then HHN will be awesome. You get a mix of rides / shows / food / haunts! Crowds should be lower on Thursday Oct. 6th as well.

However, if your 12 year old or spouse is going to start falling down by 10pm then IOA is the better choice. Rides for everyone, WWOHP, good treats… . The Dark Arts show & Death Eaters should be out on any night the parks close at 8pm. (after sunset)

You really can’t go wrong either way!


Thanks for your advice! My husband let me know that our flight isn’t getting into MCO on Wednesday until almost midnight! My kids are night owls but they don’t love getting up early in the morning. So I’m thinking we probably will not make entry on Thursday as I was hoping but hopefully still early. So we are now thinking to buy a ticket for IOA only on Thursday. Take a break in the afternoon back at cabana bay or even get dinner on CityWalk
Then use HHN ticket go in to do a house, some rides, check things out at opening (we can go in through resort line but not early scream). Can we go back over to IOA to check out Dark Arts Show? We would then go back over to HHN to finish out the night. See some more houses with lower waits as it gets later?

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Thanks @josephmatt


Yes. You can enter HHN and leave around 7:15pm and hustle over to IOA. It will be a very long walk, but manageable. (I do it often, but I am solo and it takes 15 - 20 minutes

I really enjoyed the TP article. I am still weary about the food and drink booths after my poor Mardi Gras experience. The reviews by TP reinforce my concerns.


It’s trivial, but the walls around the Griffin at Lost Continent are down and it looks like it got a fresh paint job

A lot of construction walls at Port of Entry are down too and the clamshell water feature is working


I thought the maggot corn dog was disgusting. No amount of sauce was going to change the rice krispy nasty


Just printed off TP from TP and OI… SO, excited for tomorrow night!!!