Hey Liners! Help me decide today! :)

I am off Lines for a couple months and everything changes - it’s FP+ Part II LOL!! Missed everyone!

I am planning a girls only trip next May, celebrating a double graduation - me with my BS in Psych and my baby sis with an Assoc in Human Svcs. Woot!! I might be taking my DD8 too, undecided on that front but need to plan with her in mind.

5 nights, 5/18-5/23, FX we hit the 24 hour MK day!

I need to decide today where we’re staying, as I have 2 potential DVC rentals burning up. Choices are:

  1. Rent VWL for $1050
    I loved VWL so much on our Jan trip, I’d love to stay again. Plus, the refurb means my DD8 can have her own Murphy type bed, which she really wants (too cool to share with Mom!) This is also cheapest option! Cons are I’ve never rented with this person and they don’t have a lot of history on mouseowners - they provided references but you know how that is. Last rental was with an old timer who was solid. Other con is I was hoping to maximize location as we’ll have Hoppers and will probably hit MK or EP a lot. Loved the boat but it’s no monorail/walking :wink:

  2. Rent BLT for $1287
    Through a different, more established owner, I feel more comfy. Loved Contemporary when we are at CM, love, love the location, and BLT looks hip for a bunch of girls. We’d have a Lake view with hopes for outer circle view of MK - fireworks from the balcony! Cons - studio is SO tiny, DD8 must share my bed and I hate paying more than VWL to be packed like a sardine. I also worry I’ll miss the fab vibe and theme of V/WL.

  3. Book Contemporary through Disney for $2333
    Biggest con is cost. I’d hope for a discount to come out to public or AP to drop it to $1633, but have to be ok with rack just in case. Pros are that the rooms seem so spacious and love the look more than BLT, my DD gets a daybed and we get all the perks of the great location. Other pro is its safest - no need to worry over legitimacy of an owner, and the flexibility if canceling/changing.

These are all within budget but obviously saving money is important too. What would you choose? :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!! It’s a change from chat, but there are many things to love about it. You discovered one, which is no character limits. Love that.

I can’t help much on the accommodations since I’ve never stayed at any of them (except WL standard room). In our family, We usually go as cheap as possible since DH has a hard time spending money. :wink: We also haven’t rented points due to the inflexibility of changing the reservation (for that reason we usually do RO). Has your time period in May historically had a discount? Tough decision for you! Good luck and let us know what you decide!

I hope all your little ones are doing well!!

Thanks! The crew is doing great! We’re probably waiting til Nov 16 to take everyone back, as we’ll have 5 over 7 then and “only” 4 under - getting tough to work out the parent-to-child under 7 rule LOL! Will be relaxing on the beach next summer instead :wink:


This would be easy for me. I find the whole CR/BLT theming to be cold and corporate; it’s what I would expect at a business conference, not a WSW vacation. I find WL second only to AKL in beauty and interest. I typically spend less time in the MK than in any other park, so the short walk, although VERY convenient, is not that much of a draw (although the 24 hour day might sway my opinion on this a bit). For me, the fact that the WL is the cheapest of the options is “icing on the cake”…

I never stayed at WL (although I would love to) but the inexperienced DVC renter would put me off. I’m not much of a risk taker when it comes to my money. Would getting trip insurance cover you if something were to happen?
We stayed at BLT last trip and loved the convenience of the location. My kids got a kick out of the monorail thru the hotel. Although it doesn’t immerse you into a different world like some of the other resorts, we found it to be a really relaxing place to kick up our feet at the end of a long day.

Relaxing on the beach is also a great vacation!! Yes, you are definitely out numbered!:grinning:

Well talk about timing - my DSis just found out her vacation wasn’t approved, so looks like things are up in the air for a bit.

May have to convince myself that taking the whole clan next fall isn’t such a bad idea LOL!!

Thanks for all the advice! :slight_smile:

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How about a standard view at BLT? Best of all the choices in my opinion. We have stayed both Lake view and standard and the only difference we had was the that standard was a lower floor. Still got outer circle with view of MK, which I requested through DVC. Hope this helps!!

I’ve stayed in all of those places and rented from lots of owners and I wouldn’t rent with a newbie for a trip so fAr away. I love the CR decor and the convenience. BLT was tiny and I wanted more room but would stay there over VWL. Hope you get to go on your trip.

Thanks guys! My sister still isn’t sure if she can make it or not, but I’m all in for a solo trip if not (plane ticket is bought!) So for now I’m booking Pop, I don’t want to spend a lot if I’m alone - if she changes her mind I’ll probably book standard WL through Disney to be safe, and hope for the usual May discounts to come out in January. Pop looks fun though; I’m excited! :slight_smile: