"Hey Disney" soundscapes?

Just got back from our marathon weekend trip. One new thing that I liked was the soundscapes option in the the rooms with the new Alexa speaker thing, but I can’t find the tracks anywhere. I was hoping to play them in the background while I work. Anyone know where I can listen to them at home (short of buying a “Hey Disney” speaker)?

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Hey Disney is a subscription Skill that you can add to Alexa. $5.99 per year includes Soundscapes (and all the other things too!)

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Does it include soundtracks I wonder? I used to be able to play Disney soundtracks for free. Now Amazon music wants to charge for some of them.

I can do hey Disney on my new echo. Is it just instrumental music? I’ll try on mine.

I used to be able to play park music on my Alexa but now I can’t. Such a bummer!

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