Hertz vs Dollar. Any reason to choose one?

I have two cars rented via Priceline. Nominally différent fees: $468 (Dollar) vs $454 (Hertz). Had the Dollar one first. Just picked up Hertz today via Autoslash.

I’m enrolled in each one so conceivably will have easy pick up for either at MCO…

Any reasons to go with one vs the other?

If you can get Hertz five-star membership (I got it for free via my IHG membership) you can get a free single class upgrade. Have had mixed success using it, but it’s something.

I should have mentioned I have a minivan rented. Not sure it can be upgraded…

I don’t have experience with Dollar but my experiences with Hertz have been absolutely miserable. Over several years I got terrible service, was given wrong cars (even if I had an “exact” model booked), had to wait up to 2-3 hours during peak times as they ran out of almost every car type, hardly ever got child seats even though I had booked them so we had to ask and wait even more, and the list goes on. This was all with a Gold membership too. Most of this was at MIA (which is a notorious Hertz location) and a couple of times in MCO, the experience of course depends largely on location.

Thank you!

I’ve rented from Hertz and Alamo at MCO. I much prefer Alamo — for one, I kept getting small toll charges from Hertz for MONTHS afterwards, which really irked me. But the check-in and service for both were fine. I’m not willing to use a rental place that’s not onsite at MCO, but those can be much cheaper.

One money-saving recommendation: put your reservation into Auto Slash and it will find lower prices on your reservation or a similar reservation. They’ve helped me save a bunch of money!

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Yes. The auto slash found me a cheaper dollar than what I started with and then offered Hertz last night.

I’ve had fine experiences with both companies using their Rapid Rental or Gold programs for very fast pick up, although I thought Dollar was just a little easier. I’d say to go with whichever is the better price in the end. Keep checking those prices too! How far out from your trip are you?

20 days.

Right now I have a Dollar and an Advantage rental. Dropped Hertz the other day. Will likely drop the Advantage one after reading the thread I started about it.

I’ve avoided Advantage due to reviews. I’m still hoping my Dollar rate drops–We’re 25 days out:) Fingers crossed:)

are you on Autoslash?

Definitely. They saved me $10 over my AAA rate from Dollar. I’ve set up tracking for the rental.

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Do rent from a big name, well known company. Otherwise, you’ll be at the counter combing through the terms of the lease.

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