Hershey Park TP?

Need Hershey Park touring plan, stat! Which rides first (thrill ride junkie)? Good eats? Ticket deals?

For cheaper tickets find a Giant grocery store. Go to the service desk there and they sell them at a discount. {Waving from York}

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The only touring plan I know is start at the back of the park and work towards the front

I haven’t been there in a few years and when I did it was with school groups. We never arrived at park opening (by the time we bused to the park) and then just went on rides in whatever order things popped into the kids’ heads. I can tell you that ends up being a horrible touring plan if you want to see their big name attractions.

Usually whatever coaster or other ride is newest attractions the biggest crowds/longest lines. When I was last there, Skyrush had just opening and we waited nearly 50 minutes after getting in line at 10:45, so I’d likely head there first. If you want to ride more than once, probably do that right away. Great Bear used to draw long lines, but they’re not as bad as they once were. We only waited 20 minutes getting in line for that at 12:55.

There are a lot of different styles of coasters, all fun. I’d try to visit as many of them as possible in the early hours, then as the park gets busy visit the less crowded experiences or possibly walk through the zoo. If it’s a hot day, then the Reese’s Extreme Cup Challenge is like a cheap version of Buzz Lightyear, but it’s air conditioned and usually has a short line, so ride multiple times. Also during the middle of the day, wander over to Chocolate World (outside of the park) and take the tour of how Hershey’s chocolate products are made (and get your free sample), while also seeing some hard to find chocolates. When purchasing chocolate, however, be sure to do so on the way out of the park, so you don’t have to carry it around all day and so it doesn’t melt.

One last thing that I’ve never tried, but could be worthwhile. If you don’t visit all the coasters you want to see in the morning, then they now offer a Fast Track Evening Pass, good to skip lines on 5 coasters. It’s only good from 5:30 to closing, but at $25 it could be a good value if you’re visiting on a busy weekend. You can’t purchase this until 3:00 PM, so you’d probably have a pretty good idea how crowded the park is by that time.

Sorry for the rambling random thoughts. I’ll be interested in what you end up doing, because this park is in need of a good touring plan.

Hey @LuvMuppets, I was just there last month with DN. We only did rides… not WP… i have to say the food left something to be desired. Lunch was yucky… ate at “the barn” BUT there is Subway (eat fresh) , had that for dinner. There is also a stand with about 10-15 different flavor icees that is self-serve and u can mix if u so choose. I did cherry and lemonade… delish!!!We didnt gave a plan and longest wait we had … for any ride, including the coasters was 20 mins. We didnt do Skyrush though. I was chicken. We went on a Sunday. Stayed at Holiday Inn Express 2 mins away. Best free breakfast ever!!!

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There’s a decent BBQ place back near the frontier area. Dual racing wooden coaster at the back - thunder n lightning? is incredible and line is almost always short.

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Born and raised in Hershey and every summer we go back, I ride my fav… The comet! It’s the best coaster in the park :wink: don’t miss it at night either!

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Anyone know if you can take a small string bag on all of the rides?

A couple of the rides may have cubby holes at the ride entry/exit, otherwise most places you should be able to.

Thanks, @Armadillo_Alert! DH is quite worried about this after BG experience last week!

I think the coasters may be your only worry. The one where your feet hang has cubbies I believe

It’s just DH and DS going. Coasters might be all they do! Ds12 keeps chanting rope drop! rope drop! I’m so proud…

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Hope they have fun! How did you manage to escape the chaos for today? :wink:

Someone has tobstaybhome with dd for soccer! And three is a bad number for Hershey park!

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Hey @Armadillo_Alert I’m your neighbor in Stewartstown! Is LuvMuppets close by? Just did HP on Saturday, rides were closed for hours due to lightning boo…

I’m in morris county, nj. A bit of a haul! 2.5 hours or so!

Oh I see… (read in Tarzan voice)

I was only there once to see Phish in the 90s and we did the wooden Roller Coaster like 5 times and then left… Its a cool park tho for sure!

DH and DS had a blast there in late August. SO many coasters wore my DH out - he’s not as young as he used to be! DS12 was in his thrill seeking glory. They ate at Subway in the parks, and stopped for rootbeer floats. They did no water rides. They found the cubbies near the rides to be very convenient for hats and water bottles.

Our favorite restaurant in Hersheypark is the kosher place near the front entrance (we’re not remotely Jewish). The only problem is that, as a kosher place, it isn’t open on Saturdays.