Here's my plan so far... accepting input and accolades

EDIT: our original plan was Poly 4/11-44/15 then BW 4/15-4/17, but now a waitlist request for BW 4/11-4/15 I forgot I made just came through. I guess I’m happy we don’t have to move now, but I was really warming up to the idea of Poly, and having macadamia nut pancakes basically at my doorstep. We have 6-day hoppers. We arrive after 7pm on 4/11, and we leave at 6:45pm on 4/17. We may be joined by a friend on the last day.

In both of my MK plans it basically looks like nothing except SDMT is expected to be open before official park opening time… is that really the case?

  • Sunday - late arrival at Poly, probably just collect groceries and maybe go to the pool if it’s hot
  • Monday - sleep in a bit, Captain Cook’s breakfast, then Epcot & HS 4/12 Epcot , 4/12 hop 2 HS
  • Tuesday - MK, with a long pool time break in the middle of the day 4/13 MK
  • Wednesday - earlyish take out from Kona, Epcot & HS 4/14 Epcot
  • Thursday - light breakfast & check out of Poly, MK then go to BW and probably just hang out at the pool unless a good Epcot or HS dinner ADR comes up between then and now. 4/15 MK
  • Friday - AK, and pool time 4/16 AK
  • Saturday - maybe Epcot with my friend? If she doesn’t end up coming then I guess we’ll just see what we feel like doing for the day.

Yum. Macadamia nut pancakes. And the side of ham. Yum. Yum yum.

Uh…what was the point if this thread again?


Well now it’s me being sad!

So how will the change to BWV change your plan? Will you still be able to take a long pool break on your MK day?

I think so… it was a 4 hour break with some wiggle room on the return. It also doesn’t need to be as long because we’re going to have the same pool the whole time now.

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What will take Captain Cooks and Kona’s place in your plan (see my priorities)?

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Despair. And maybe a butter butter sandwich from Boardwalk Bakery. Those are tasty. And I suppose we could get up at the butt crack of dawn one morning to get Kona carryout still.


Ale and Compass has takeout too and I have heard great things. I love breakfast at Trattoria but I don’t think they do take out.

We’ll probably hit Beach Club Market on one of our later Epcot mornings, too

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I was going to suggest heading over to Poly on whatever morning you do Epcot. This would give you time to hit Kona before heading to Epcot. Trick is transportation. You could always Uber/Lyft there for certainty. Or, walk to HS and hop on a bus from there back to Poly directly.

Looks like you have that planned for now on Wednesday. You could also try it on Saturday.

I thought of going on one of the later mornings, but then it really makes it not actually a later morning. It just occurred to me, though, that if my friend comes to play on Saturday she’ll have her car, and we could drive to Poly if she arrives early or if she comes Friday night.

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@ryan1 and @PrincipalTinker do either of you have any insight on the TP thing at MK where it’s timing all attractions as if they won’t start running until 8:00 except 7DMT? It’s literally every attraction except that one (I tried them all). I was hoping to start the day with Pirates on our second MK day, and if need be I will just ignore the suggestion that we’ll arrive there at 7:30 and then have to stand around until 8:00.

Not me, I’m afraid.

What time does the park open (as of today)? Did you change your park opening time to 30 minutes before that time?

That park opens at 8:00, and I set my start time to 7:15.

My understanding was that it really would not start before 30 minutes. That might be what is going on?

Did you try skipping your first planned attraction and start the plan at 7:30?

I thought it might be a matter of me starting too early too, but it’s starting 7DMT immediately.

You want Pirates first? Do you think it is consistently open 45 minutes early? If it is, I would plan it and start my plan at 7:30.

I don’t think it is. On my MK day last week, it didn’t show as open on TP until about 20 min early, at which point we went to it, and it did seem like they were just letting people into the queue. But without physically having been there earlier, I can’t rule out that it was running a little earlier than that, and TP could be behind.

That might be why 7DMT is what shows up that early.