Here now. Milk!

Just arrived today. Didnt think of this before but where is closest location to Grand Floridian where I can buy a pint of milk? Need to make a nice cup of tea!

Yay! I hope you’re sleeping, and got a great room.

The resorts sell milk at the counter/quick service restaurant and probably at the gift shop as well. I’m not familiar with the Grand Floridian, but I imagine it has the same set up.

I’m a tea drinker too, so I always pick up a small bottle of milk when I arrive too. Good luck finding a proper cuppa this morning!

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Just go to the Grand Floridian QS Restaurant (Gasparilla Island Grill) and tell the CM at the register you want to buy a large milk (bigger than what’s out). We bought a gallon since we bring dry cereal from home for breakfast/snacks in the room - I’d presume you could get smaller sizes as well. But if you ask the CM at the grill, they should be able to hook you up without an issue…

I’m curious as to how you are boiling your water?

Thanks. The gift shop does sell milk and we’ve got ourselves what I guess is a quart (havnt checked the size). For boiling water we’re using the coffee maker in the room without inserting any coffee!

(Tea bags we brought over from England as we didnt trust Americans with tea!!)


Haha I read your first post and thought “They must be British”

As an American I totally understand you not trusting us with tea! Hope it worked out and you enjoy your trip!!

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Its all good and we’re having a nice trip. We are nice and relaxed and have tea and are at Disney. What could be better?


That’s so great to hear!