Help with using Touring Plan with LL and ILL

Hey y’all. We are leaving for our trip soon. Last time we went we used a touring plan which was awesome. But how do we use a TP with LL and ILL? TP makes a plan for you based off what attractions I say I want to do but how do you know which attraction and in what order you should get a LL for? And then how do you correct your plan on the fly to incorporate these LL attractions. I feel a bit lost this go around. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

LL & LL$ are very similar to MaxPass at Disneyland. Sometimes I’d make touring plans for DLR using MaxPass and other times TP only. I think it has really prepared me for G+ use with TP.

My planned TP shows the best plan for standby queue and I follow it. Along the way pick-up any LL or LL$ if they are available as the steps come up in the plan.

You’ll have TP telling you which standby queues are low and able to enter LL queues for attractions with longer waits. By combining the two strategies you’ll probably be able to do some rides twice with low waits using a TP and later again with a LL.

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I’ve created TP for an upcoming trip to Disney World in a few weeks, but I have never actually used one before. I was planning to use a strategy like you described - have the TP to follow but ‘supplement’ with LL as we will be using Genie + (our trip is Thanksgiving week). A practical question for using the TP: if you get a LL, do you just delete that step in your TP and reoptimize?

You can just :ballot_box_with_check: it as “done” in the Lines app and then re-optimize. (After you complete the attraction)

Adding. If your LL reservation is at a later time than that attraction in your plan is, I would modify that earlier time to later. Not sure if I’d want to delete altogether because it will still take some time to experience the attraction, LL or not.

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OK…here’s a BIG thing new users have to know.

Every time you “Optimize” you are throwing your entire plan away and starting over on the fly while in the middle of your trip. (Which can get you the most “optimal” queue waits, but often rearranges a lot of steps in your plan to save only a couple more minutes than you already had planned.) The TP “Optimize” program is based around the main goal of, "If it can save you any time in queue it will do so even if it’s not what you would prefer.)

There are many people here that are comfortable having a basic “idea” of their day and “Optimizing” to save every second, even if it takes you further than you want or arranges the steps in an odd “practical” walking order.

My advise is to go ahead and :ballot_box_with_check: it as done. Then hit the “Evaluate” button. It will still give you accurate wait times without changing all your planning


I never thought of it that way. What do you think would be a good middle ground? Typically, I will go hard from rope drop through lunch time and get a BUNCH done. Maybe at that point I would re-optimize and see what would be the updated “best order” to complete all the steps left un-checked on the Touring Plan?

I got so used to Disneyland touring that I feel out of practice for Walt Disney World! With MaxPass at DL, I never used the Lines app at all. I had a general plan and knew the best order to tackle attractions in the morning, what attractions to get a FP first for, etc. By early afternoon, I was almost always to the point of just re-riding whatever I wanted to based on when I could get another FP in the app. (Can you tell I haven’t been to Disneyland since pre-COVID??)

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It’s not that simple. If you don’t create an optimized plan but build a custom plan and then optimize in the park, agree it will absolutely be quite different. But, when you re-optimize (after the initial optimize) during the same day, it usually doesn’t change much. It would take a pretty dramatic miss in predicted wait times to change whole plans multiple times in one day.

If the user starts with an optimized plan and doesn’t tweak anything, again, re-optimizing shouldn’t change a whole lot inside the park. Especially if you’re set on the relaxed walking speed. So it all depends on what plan you start with and what your preferences are whether to use evaluate or optimize.

I am also one that doesn’t optimize, because I like to create my own plans and keep them mostly intact. But some people just feel more comfortable following a suggested optimized plan.


I did over simplify it. However, IME - since 2013, using the Lines App while in the parks it does & has completely redesigned my entire plan at the accidental push of the “Optimize” button. It took me years to become skilled enough to use TP as fluidly as I can now. I can use both the PC version simultaneously with the App. However, as user friendly as TP is and DEFINITELY Lines 2.0 is wonderful neither of them are without their “quirks” that take practice to know.

I just want the OP to understand the “dangers” of the “optimize button”… :rofl:

Also - @aymiewilson if you are good using MaxPass you’ll be light years ahead of most people going to WDW!!


Yes! That is not good. :scream: Printed back up plans, :heavy_check_mark: :joy:


They recently (this year?) added a “undo” type feature that reverts back to a previous optimization for situations when people accidentally hit optimize or when doing so throws their plan in disarray.


Yes… It is very helpful… However, IMHO, for new users it’s not easy to find or use. Heck, even I get confused and have to check the timestamps to make sure I’m reverting back to the version I need.

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