Help with Tuskers reservation and Pandora AK

Hi. We are visiting WDW In March and have just booked our fast pass and I’m a little worried about timings.
We have a reservation at Tuskers for 8:35am, the plan was to go to Na’vi River Journey as soon as possible and then a fast pass for Flight of Passage however I wasn’t able to get the fast pass until 1:15pm which seems to have killed the touring plan. So my questions…
Is it worth doing the Tuskers breakfast or will this just ruin the attempt to get on Na’vi? Should I just cancel this or move it later? Should I move the Flight of Passage till later in the afternoon? I have fast passes for kilimamjaro safari and Expedition Everest too but at the moment it’s pretty flexible for me to change the times if I want.

Help… My head hurts trying to get all these timings right.


You can probably arrive at 7:45 for park opening and be seated around 8 at Tusker House if you want. That’s what we did this last week. Still means you’d RD Navi and then have to head back to Pandora in the afternoon but if you don’t mind that, it should work!

Thanks for replying. So even though our reservation isn’t till 8:35 they could seat us early do you think?


That’s great, thanks. One last thing, in your opinion would you change the flight of passage to be later in the day to prevent going all over the place or is the park not too big to worry about it too much? At the moment I have Expedition Everest at 11am and Kiliminjaro safari at 4:20… Both have flexible times at the moment… I’m just worried about timings as I couldn’t get the suggested time for FOP to follow the touring plan and have had to wing it…

I feel like that’s a personal preference - the park isn’t so big that you couldn’t head back to Pandora two different times. I’d make two different touring plans - one with your current FP time and one with the later time and see which one appeals to you most. You may find you still need to cross cross a bit given how long the lines are for FoP from park opening.

Thank you. Appreciate your help. Its a minefield!!

What time does the park open on your day? Pandora typically opens a little bit (appx 20 mins on avg) before the published park opening. If the park opens at 0800 feel strongly that you could very easily ride Na’vi and then go directly to TH and be on time.

If it’s an 0900 opening, I would probably try to move the TH to later morning.

It’s a 9am opening…

Then I myself would push it later. You’re dining there for a reason - I don’t see the point in rushing through it. We have had times when it has taken a long time for all of the characters to get around to see us. It’s worth it to move the reservation.

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OK, thanks… I guess I’ll have to rearrange the fast passes too if I do that… Any reason why FOP shouldn’t be done later in the day?

We have a similar situation: 8:35 reservation at Tuskers, 9AM park open, with Fast Passes for 9AM Everest, 10:20 Kilamanjaro, and then weren’t able to get FP for FOP till noon. Crowd level predicted as an 8. Appreciate the guidance on getting to breakfast early, which was what we were thinking anyway.

But my question really is: Given Tuskers location in Africa, are we better of trying to rope drop for Na’vi after breakfast, or rope drop for Kilamanjaro Safari (and drop the Fast Pass for it)? Thank you for any guidance/recommendations!

I agree with this. If you are wanting to make use of the lower crowd in the morning (sounds like you are) then I’d move the TH res for later. Maybe try for that sweet spot where you get the end of breakfast and beginning of lunch. Then you’ll have some solid touring done and be able to relax and enjoy the character meal.

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Great thanks… Sounds like a plan…