Help with TPs?

Hi there!

I’ve used TPs in the past and loved them. Thanks to whole TP staff for making this great site and program!

It’s been four years since we have been. And this is our first time using DAS and Genie+. Looking at my HS TP it wants me to get Genie+ for the frozen sing a long and MMRR. With TOT having huge waits recently, shouldn’t I try for that instead? We are going on Feb 1st. Can’t use DAS for that as MIL is terrified of that ride and it’s her DAS. We have pre selections for SDD and TMM.

Is there a way I can link the TP so y’all can see it?


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Figured out how to share the plan: HS Day 1

I think they are still working on the LL suggestions. Are you getting your first LL at 7am? If so, I would makt ToT a first pick. Are those your return times for SDD and TSM?

Yah those are the return times we were give. For DAS pre selections. Then I just plugged in ROTR as an estimate if we same day return DAS as soon as we enter the park.

I was thinking that too that our first G+ should be ToT

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How did you share? I forgot. I made a mock plan based off of Thrill Data retun times.

If you click “edit” on your plan there will be a button that says “publish” and then you can share the URL it gives you! :relaxed:

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Based on Thrill Data you should be able to follow this plan and get LL return times as follows:
@ 7a get Rise for around 10:30 & ToT for around 12:30 (would recommend 2 devices to get earlier return times for both of these)
@ 10:30a get Aliens for around 11:10
@ 11:25a get BatB for 1pm show
@ 12:55p get MMRR for around 5:15
@ 3:00p get RRC for around 7:00

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This is awesome!!! Thank you!

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I did set the pace as relaxed. This gives you some leisure. When pace is set at regular it means attraction to attraction to attraction, no pictures or browsing. Relaxed gives you a buffer for little things.


Yea that’s great. We have two littles. DD3.5 and DS9months so I’ve been setting mine at relaxed too since we will have to park strollers and stuff. And MIL is type one diabetic so sometimes she needs to take it easy to so her sugars don’t go crazy.

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