Help with reservation and points - complicated situation

Will try and make this situation sound as simple as possible. I booked a 2 bedroom at OKW for Feb 2020. We decided we wanted to do a 2 night stay end of Aug 2019. 1 bedroom is available at OKW. Problem is I do not have enough points in Sept 2019 UY to book trip and I obviously cannot borrow from Sept 2020 because trip will be before September 1.
My thought is to cancel a portion of my Feb trip so that the points will go back to Sept 2019 UY, book 2 nights of Aug 2019 trip using some of those points and then go back and book remaining nights of Feb 2020 trip using rest of Sept 2019 UY points and borrowing from Sept 2020 points.
Could that work?
Thanks in advance. This has kept me up all night thinking.

That sounds right but to be certain if I were you I would call and have a DVC CM help me. I assume you have checked to be certain there is availability in February so you don’t risk losing the portions you cancel?


Thank you for getting back to me so fast. I am anxiously awaiting member services to open at 9 am so they can help with booking. Yes so far availability would still be there for Feb 2020 trip.
I will report back if I am successful.

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Update - Member Services made it happen. Yay!! Wasn’t as complicated as I thought it would be. My son will be so excited to be there for Star Wars opening. (I am probably more excited lol)
Thanks again for your help!


Yay! OK, and you know about reservations being open now for Oga’s, lightsabers, and Droid building, yes!?

Savi’s Workshop

Oga’s Cantina :

Droid Depot:


There you go enabling again!:rofl:

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Yes thank you very much!