Help With Prioritizing ADRs

We are a little less than a month from our ADR reservation day. I have a tentative list with some backups, but I’m just looking for a little feedback on priority booking order. We are travelling 9/8 - 9/15/2020 and are a party of 3 (2 adults, 1 teenager).

1.Be Our Guest - 9/12 - PPO breakfast
*Backup - Be Our Guest - lunch

  1. 'Ohana - 9/9 - Early dinner (3:30/4:00)
    *Backup #1- Crystal Palace
    *Backup #2 - Skipper Canteen

  2. Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ - 9/8 - Late Dinner
    *Backup #1 - Raglan Road
    *Backup #2 - Frontera Cocina

  3. Tusker House - 9/11 - Lunch
    *Backup #1 - Tusker House - Breakfast
    *Backup #2 - Yak & Yeti - Lunch

  4. Narcoosees - 9/12 - Dinner (Fireworks viewing time frame)
    *No backup for this one as it is my daughter’s 14th birthday and her choice for her birthday dinner

  5. Sci Fi Drive In - 9/13 - Late lunch/Early Dinner

  6. Tokyo Dining - 9/14 - Dinner with a fireworks viewing time slot
    *Backup #1 - La Hacienda de San Angel
    *Backup # 2 - Spice Road Table

  7. Oga’s Cantina - 9/9 (early) or 9/13 (Anytime)
    *We are not planning a meal here by any stretch, we are SW fans and just would like to check it out and have a drink.

Thank you in advance for any helpful information and advice!

*editing to say this is my first time making ADRs so I just was hoping the order was somewhat close to a Most Difficult —> Least Difficult

Oga’s is easy to get? I agree with your first two bookings. I don’t think the others will be difficult unless Oga’s is hard?

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I found Tusker House to be loud, chaotic and the food was pretty gross. On the other hand, Spice Road is a hidden gem, peaceful, beautiful view and delicious food.

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Ok, thank you! I wasn’t sure how easy Oga’s was to get, which is why it’s at the bottom of this list. That and our flexibility with dates and times for it.

I know, I’ve heard good things about Spice Road Table. We had it as a backup because we live in the Metro Detroit area and eat regularly at some very fantastic Middle Eastern restaurants. It was my first choice for Epcot fireworks viewing dining but basically I got outvoted by my husband and daughter.

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One thought regarding BoG PPO breakfast. If you are planning two MK days, and if you are wanting the PPO breakfast to have an opportunity to ride 7DMT before park opening, you might want to make a BoG breakfast on both of your MK days because they can always add EMM on your day. If they do add EMM to one of your days, you have a backup PPO breakfast. If they don’t add EMM, just keep one and drop the other.

Someone gave me this tip before my ADR date and it came in handy because, sure enough, they scheduled EMM on my preferred PPO BoG day.

Of course, PPO BoG is still a decent head start for 7DMT even on EMM days, but if you’re really looking for that true PPO experience this is something to consider.


I’m not a pro at all…only booked one trip so far (and haven’t even gone yet!), but I’ll say that a friend told me to book Homecomin first and she was right (at least in my case). It was the one restaurant I actually didn’t get a good time. All the others including BOG, OHana, Sci Fi, 1900 PF, Garden Grill PPO, Oga’s, Tusker House (which I’ve since cancelled) were available at the times I wanted, and actually also modifiable for days after. I actually was also considering adding Narcoosees dinner a week or two after my 180 days and it was also still available.
I am going in May which is “less crowded” as I also understand September to be, so I’m guessing that positively impacted my experience. I imagine it is NOT the same during busier park times.
Also, I took the less optimal Homecomin res at 180 days, but have since had luck changing it to a good time using Mouse Dining alerts. That app is AWESOME and helped me make some changes to times as my plans changed, as well as Mother’s day brunch at Cali Grill. (which wasn’t even open for booking on my 180 day mark).

Thank you, I will consider that!

I have heard Homecomin’ can be really difficult to get and I was a little wary because it’s so early in our trip, as well.

Sounds like your trip is coming up. Hope you have a great time!

Homecomin often will not load all of their reservations at first. I don’t think it is really a difficult ADR, I think a good time might be challenging at first. That is one restaurant you should set up a TP reservation finder if you cannot find your time.

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