Help with planning MK day - i can't make up my mind!

Hi all,
I am reconsidering how to do our 1st day at MK which is also our 1st park day and the day we are doing MNSSHP.
things to consider: we arrive the day before (plane lands at 11am), we will do BB in the afternoon (had originally planned for relaxing day at hotel pool but WP refurb dates got switched and this is the last day BB will be open before refurb) and then relax at hotel in the evening. it’s me, DH, DS 9 and DD5 and we are staying at poly.
Do we stick with my original plan which was: go to MK in the morning, hope to arrive shortly after 9am opening ( I think pushing them to be there for RD is a bad idea since we will be up late that night at MNSSHP), tour from 9:15-11ish, have lunch and leave to go back to poly for a swim/break. we have to be back to MK a little before 4, b/c DD has BBB at 4:10, then stay through party (benefits would be short lines in the morning at MK, negatives: more travel time back and forth with the break,)

or do we just stay at the hotel in the morning, sleep in, I have OH brkfst ADR at 9:25am, swim in the early afternoon and go into MK around 2 and then stay through party (beneftis: sleeping in in the morning, kicking off trip with a character brkfst which would be fun negatives: longer lines in the afternoon, possibly fewer rides overall).

I know there is no “right” answer to this, but just wondering what you would do. I make FPP on 8/27 so I have lots of time to think about which way to do this.

I would the RD option - REAL RD - take your break, and come back around 4. A half hour won’t make that much difference for sleeping purposes, but will make a BIG difference for lines/waits.If it’s anything like what I experienced on a MVMCP day, the park was VERY crowded between 4:00 and 7:00, and between 6:00 and 7:00 MS was an unmanageable gridlock.

Both of your plans give you only about 2-3 hours of park time on a full-day ticket. Maybe you have APs and this doesn’t matter, but I personally would not use a full day admission for just a few hours. If you go with “plan B”, i would probably skip going in before the party, get there right at 4:00, enjoy the party, and save your admission for a different day.

It is kind of subjective, but I like the second plan better. You will have 3FPP to use in the afternoon which would cut down on wait times.

Is this your only MK day? If so, I might go the parks a little before 2:00 especially if you will not be touring during BBB. Maybe have a relaxing dinner break or low key attractions in the afternoon. If it is not your only MK day then relax and take it slow.

I too would pick the second choice. It will be a late night and I think with FPs between 2-7 you will get a lot done. I am concerned about dinner. What are your plans

Hi! it is not our only MK day. we are going back to MK later in that week. We will shoot to make RD that day. It will be a long day b/c we have CRT dinner that day at 4:10pm and then will leave after dinner since it’s a party night and we aren’t doing that party. I appreciate your opinion!

We are having dinner after BBB, at CHH or Pinocchio’s. hopefully in b/w using fpp’s for SDMT and PP if I am lucky to get those around the 5 and 6pm hour.

Ok, I was a little worried about you using party time. Yes! If you are trying for FPs at the time at day 60 the 2nd plan is best. When I went to the party last October at 4:00 the only FPs that were left were Tea Cups and Magic Carpets.