Help with Personalized Touring Plan for WDW, July 2017

I just subscribed to and we’re taking a 12, 4, and 1 year old to WDW 7/9 - 7/16/17. I tried using established touring plans but it’s a challenge to get activities for kiddos of such varied ages. So I tried a personalized plan and it keeps giving us a 5 hour gap in the middle of the day! This puts us at finishing our day at 9:53 pm, which will not work with my 18 month old. No matter what I try, the plan won’t add any attractions during these hours… Sorry for my newbie questions! But HELP! :smiley:


If you edit the plan and tick to publish it, it will give you an URL to copy and paste here and we can look at it.

But general advice - it will put attractions where the shortest wait times are, and lots of times that is at night. If you want to leave by 7 for example, you need to change the plan time to end then. The plan will then look for the shortest wait times before 7pm. Once you’ve done that, if there are still big gaps of time try adding extra attractions.

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