Help with order of ADR's

First timer here and my 180 is approaching…I’m getting soooooo nervous about it! As it is, I have to be up at 2:45 am to do this, so I want to be sure my plan of attack is best. If anyone would like to give me some feedback about the order I plan to snag them, I’d certainly appreciate it! Here’s the plan as it stands:

Fri, 12/1 6PM Be Our Guest (last full day of trip - we are not hopping and between MVMCP and a cast member party early MK close, I feel like this is my best chance: 6pm or whatever the latest time I can grab)

Tues, 11/28 12PM Afternoon Tea at Garden View Tea Room, Grand Floridian (will serve as a late breakfast and early/light lunch before we pig out at LTT before MVMCP)

Tues, 11/28 4:30PM Liberty Tree Tavern (dinner before MVMCP starts, thought it would be fun to have a sort of holiday dinner before the party - also booze!)

Weds, 11/29 9PM California Grill (if I can get Celebration at the Top for 11/26, will cancel this and keep 'Ohana)

Sun, 11/26 9PM 'Ohana (if I can get Celebration at the Top for 11/26, will cancel this)

Weds, 11/29 9PM 'Ohana (have husband book this since it conflicts with CG?)

Thurs, 11/30 9PM ‘Ohana (BACKUP in case I can’t get 'Ohana the other 2 nights)

Sat, 12/2 11AM Supercallifragilistic breakfast @ 1900 Park Fare (departure day)

Mon, 11/27 6PM HBD Fantasmic! Dinner package (will cancel if I can get Lunch w/Imagineer)

Sat, 11/25 4PM Via Napoli (the only table service on our Drink/Snack Around the World Showcase)

Sun, 11/26 12PM Raglan Road brunch (should I go through OpenTable?)


Mon, 11/27 12PM HBD’s Lunch with a Disney Imagineer

Sun, 11/26 8PM California Grill’s Celebration At The Top

Thurs, 11/30 Tiffins Rivers of Light Dining Package for Lunch (would like to do a late lunch)

Finally, does anyone know any details on this:

The Music of Pixar Live! and Fantasmic! Dining Package
Sounds like I’d get priority seating for both, so even better value?

I heard on a podcast that Pixar is a limited run. They said it was a touring company that was stopping for the summer.

It seems as if MK dinners have been hard to find, so don’t be scared if you cannot get them. It may be that they have not opened yet. Your plan looks great! Taglan is usually pretty easy to get in Open Table but that opens much closer to your trip.

So Music of Pixar may not go into the Fall?

MK dinners - do you mean BOG? or any/all dinners at MK? It does seem like the parties are really messing things up! I will keep checking and of course use the TP Reservation Finder :wink:

When do you think Raglan opens? I assumed 180, but maybe that’s only thru Disney? Open Table is likely 60 days, right?

Glad to hear I’m on the right track! ADR’s is about all I can think about right now! LOL!

Yes, Raglan may open at 180 for Disney (it may be a slow loader and take an extra week) but Open Table is 60 days lately? Your LTT is early so that one seems ok- but BOG may not be loaded. They seems very slow getting those in this year and dessert parties!

Unless something changes the podcast said Pixar was not going to continue .

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Were you doing MVMCP? I got the sense that you are not, so they may not have dinner that late for BOG. I thought I read somewhere that if MDE doesn’t see you have the ticket for the parties the times are limited for dinners in MK on party nights. That’s the night that DD and I are going to the party, and I’m likewise hoping for a BOG dinner that evening when my ADR day opens next week.

Yes, doing MVMCP on 11/28. But I don’t want to do BOG on that day, partly because it’s earlier in the trip, so I figure harder to get. 12/1 will be a regular MK day for us, our last park day, so I thought it’d be easier to get, and a nice final dinner.

Thanks for your help!

Up at 2:45 am this morning to book and I got everything I wanted at more or less the time I wanted, with exception of the afternoon tea. I’m rethinking that, possibly not released yet, as I tried that second. I booked a Kona Cafe breakfast instead as back up as we’re free that morning before MVMCP.

Other than that, just need to wait for release of Lunch with an Imagineer, Celebration at the Top and ROL Dining Packages!

The funny thing is that husband agreed to get up with me this morning and help, he ended up making most of these with no practice or knowledge of how the website woks. I think I went into panic mode so w/out him, dunno how successful we’d have been, LOL!