Help with odd dining choice

I could use your help. For my DD 5th birthday at WDW I booked ADR at crystal palace for 8 am breakfast and perfectly princess tea at 10:30. Disney just tested me to let me know that tea has been changed to 9 (that appears to be the new time for the whole month). So now I am stuck. It is just DH, DD, and me. I was lucky and got almost all of the ADR we wanted at the right times, and I wanted to do something special for her bday and now I must choose. But…is it worth the cost of the tea, will she remember it, is crystal palace just as good? Any insight from anyone who has done one or both or has a 5 yo would be appreciated. Thank you liners, your the best!

Just so you know, you posted this in the Universal thread, not WDW. This side is a bit quieter and you may not get an answer. Try switching the post over to the WDW side. Good luck no matter what!

Also just to let you know, you can edit the post to move it to another area, you don’t need to start a new one. You seem to be getting some replies though, so that’s good.

I have a 5YO, but he’s a boy, so I can’t help too much with the princess part of it, but I do think she’ll remember it. Plus you’ll have wonderful vacation pictures to remind her. Does she prefer the Winnie the Pooh characters or the princesses?

She willl like whichever you choose. And she won’t know what she missed if you don’t tell her. So either way, take comfort in knowing she will have a wonderful time!