Help with MYW park hopper plus ticket

I currently have 5 day Magic Your Way Park Hopper Plus tickets. I am wondering can I go to the waterpark or miniature golf courses on my arrival and departure days even when I won’t be attending a park on those days?
We arrive mid-day Sunday and will go to MNSSHP that evening, Monday-Epcot, Tuesday-AK, Wednesday-Water park, Thursday-MK, Friday-HS, Saturday- depart.
Also, I am thinking about going down to a 4 day ticket. This would give me (4) plus visits and I plan on only using 2 or 3.
Any advice is appreciated.

You can go to the water park and/or mini golf on either day. The day you use it is the day your tickets ‘start’ - but you could actually go to a water park on 5 different days & the parks on 5 different -
different days.


It essentially works like 5 one-day hoppers and 5 additional tickets for the “plus” stuff. All of the tickets must be used within 2 weeks of the first use, so you would have a 14-day window in which to use your 5 park tickets and 5 plus stuff tickets.

You can opt to use a plus stuff ticket on the same day you use a hopper ticket, or you can use them on different days. The plus stuff tickets are NOT hoppers… you get into the one thing you select and that’s it for that ticket. For instance, if you went to Typhoon Lagoon in the morning, and then went to play mini golf in the evening you would use 2 of your tickets for plus stuff.

Also, I think a 4 day would work well for you. If the price is different then by all means go down but price may not change much. I know Undercover Tourist often has tickets that come with free days.