Help with my Star Wars TP, please

I’m sending DH and DD15 off to HS to do all things Star Wars in June for a morning during our trip. They need to be back at MK by 2pm. We’ll be going to HS as a family a different day (actually 2 half days).

I feel like their morning is too packed. What can I take out that we could easily fit into a different day? Is 45 min really how long Launch Bay takes without the character greets (those are their own part of the plan)?

I’m open to any suggestions. Thanks!

That looks do-able to me. 45 minutes may be too much time at Launch Bay but leave it in case some of your earlier character meets take longer.

They’re wasting a bit of time doing the stage show first and then the March of the First Order. They follow each other, so if you watch the March you can then follow them up to the stage area to watch. Unless you absolutely have to be near the front.

Also they’ll be at least 15 minutes late to lunch with your plan. That’s risky if they have to be back at MK for 2pm. Where do they have to be by then btw? The entrance or inside somewhere, and how are they getting there?

I would have them do the meet and greets at Launch Bay, follow that with some time in the exhibits and then make their way to the Crossroads to be there by 10:45 to watch the March of the First Order at 11am, followed by the stage show. Then if they want more time in the Launch Bay, they can either go back then, or they can go back when you all go perhaps. There are a lot of exhibits to look at in the Launch Bay.

And I would drop the silly Path of the Jedi after lunch. it’s a 10 minutes montage of the Star Wars story to date.

Thank you! That’s exactly what I needed to know. I’ll make those adjustments. They will be taking a bus to watch the parade at MK which DD11 is in at 2:30. Would you mind taking a look at it again? Just to make sure I have stuff in the right order.

Is there a reason you took out Star Tours first? Re-reading my post makes me wonder if that’s what you thought I meant. Which it wasn’t!

I would still be tempted to do Star Tours first, with no wait. That line can build depending on time of day. Also it eliminates the possibility of lunch running late and any delicate stomachs after lunch.

Then do the meet and greets, then do the movie thing and then look around Launch Bay. At that time, I wouldn’t expect there to be a whole load of people there, therefore it should be easy to see the exhibits and read it if they want.

I think the 45 minutes that TP allocates to Launch Bay includes the movie there. But if after seeing the movie DH thinks they need to get going to get to the crossroads, they could skip the exhibits. Those could be done in 30 minutes on another day, if your plan allows.

What I would do is to copy the plan as it is now, make the changes and compare them.

I’ve not eaten at Prime Time, so I don’t know how promptly you get seated there. Others can hopefully chime in, if not start another thread with that as the title!

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Thank you so much! I don’t think I intended to take Star Tours out of my plan entirely…I was messing with it on my phone during a break. Ha! Thanks for catching that! I truly appreciate your help!

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You’re welcome!