Help with my MK plan

So, my first time making a TP - eek! Also our first time to Disney. I plugged in the things we would love to do and hit optimize - that’s all I’ve got so far! The crew is me, dh, twin dd 11, DS 6, DD will have just turned 5 the week before we go and my parents - ridiculously active 70 years olds. I am fine splitting up for some rides…DD 5 will not do Space Mountain, but think that could get pretty overwhelming for newbies. My twins and son are daredevils. Everyone in my family is really - except me - I get terrible vertigo. All my kiddos are tall, DD is 45 1/2 inches already and not even 5!

I hope I attached the plan correctly. We are planning to scoot out after the parade and return (me, dh and twins only - littles will be wiped out!) for HEA.

Thanks for your wisdom! :slight_smile:

It looks good but a couple of steps I think may take a little longer than the plan says. It will be ok to drop an attraction or two along the way? Will you return to MK?

Looks good. Where are your fast pass times? Are you staying on site?

Thanks! I’m okay dropping things as needed. We purposely have not showed the kids videos of rides, just in case things need to get dropped or are broken down - no disappointment. :wink: my kids are pretty easy going and will like whatever they do. This is our only MK day, which I’m okay with. We also have one EP and one AK day…I just started working on those plans. We are taking one day to go to HP at Universal with our 11 year old super fans and have a Disney springs day planned with BBB for the girls and lego store, etc for our son.

I’m thinking we can do more when we return with our twins in the evening before HEA. I think right now it just has Dumbo, which was more for our DD5, who will be back at the resort sleeping!

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We are staying at AoA. I’m hoping to get FP starting late morning 10-ish. That will give us two hours to ride before our FP start. So if we do get a 7DMT FP for later in the morning, I can move that down. I was surprised TP said to go to PP first then 7 DMT…maybe because everyone will run to 7DMT first. I can book FP on April 27, so I wanted to have my attractions figured out by then.

I’m also a little surprised by the plan calling for PP before 7DMT. You should pick your FPs now. If you’re online on your 60 day window at 7am, you’re going to get whatever you want, when you want, so you should bake that in now.

opinion section I’d happily swap out TL Speedway for Pirates and Jungle Cruise.

With only one day at MK, my ideal setup would be a FP+ for 7DMT, PP and Space Mountain and to rope drop Frontierland.

The RD on that side of the park is easy compared to Fantasyland. In fact, I think a 19 minutes wait at 7DMT at 8:26 is pretty optimistic

With that strategy, in the first hour, you should be able to do:
Splash Mountain
Pirates or Haunted Mansion or iaSW

For you FP+, I’ll try to get return time like this:
09:30-10:30 - Peter Pan
10:30-11:30 - 7DMT
11:30-12:30 - Space Mountain

Roll on any available FP+ in the afternoon (Buzz and Speedway as your priorites based on your plan)

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If the plan is to hit several rides from 8-9am, I have to imagine that this means it’s an EMH morning day, so you can’t rope drop Frontierland.

I watched a video with Brian and the rest of the gang doing a RD test with 7DMT and they said at a certain time it actually makes sense to go to PP before 7DMT b/c the line wont get any shorter, but PP’s line will get longer

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You’re correct @Crasstastic, it is EMH.

So the Frontierland RD doesn’t work.
I think the actuel plan (PP, than 7DMT) makes sense, freeing FP+ for the mountains in the morning.