Help with MVMCP touring plan

I was searching, but haven’t been able to find anything so far so I thought I’d ask. When doing a personalized touring plan for one of the parties, can you ever add the exclusive meet & greets - Seven Dwarves, Moana, etc - to the plan?
Even with the waits, I wanted to do a meet & greet centric party and wanted to get a sense of wait times if I could. If not, I’ve got anecdotal evidence at least. :slight_smile:

I have no answers for you but I’m interested in your question! I’ve never been to this party and we’re going in November. I think the only character greeting we are going to do is Moana bc my 2yo is obsessed. Help us touring plans community!

You can use the functionality for adding a break and name it whatever you like and set an amount of time you intend to spend on that activity. The only thing it will not include is the location. Hope that helps!

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Yup. Only possible to add a break with a guesstimate based on anecdotal evidence.

Thanks guys! I’m doing my first plans so I’m new to the process. I think this part might be as much fun as the visit. :slight_smile:

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