Help with Lines App

Hello everyone… I am fairly new to the Lines app and I am trying to set up the same for my upcoming Universal/IOA trip. When opening the app I am only directed to WDW and the parks there. Is the app not available for Universal? If someone could direct me how to use it for Universal/IOA I would be very grateful.


Have you downloaded the Universal Orlando Lines App?

Yes, but I was trying to use touring plans lines… is that not available for Universal?

If not does the Universal one have suggested touring plans?

Yes it is TP lines. The app logo looks exactly the same as WDW.

There is a WDW lines app, an Universal lines app, and a DL lines app. You need a subscription for each but additional ones are usually discounted?

OOOHHH! OK… I got it

I mean there may be a reason I am know as Laura Ingles in my family LOL Thank you!!


There are a great group of liners in the chat section of that app too. They are very friendly and helpful. It can take a day to answer, but you will get great help. Here too!

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Thank you!!!

Got it done!!! Thanks again

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