Help with Kirsten’s MK plans!

Help! I’m finding planning our Fantasyland day overwhelming! The plan is not suggesting which FPs I should get? I doubt we’ll be able to get 7DMT, so planning to RD this if I can’t. Figure I’ll get FP for PP for sure, but then I’m at a loss. Also, thinking at 6pm 4th FP for the Tinker-bell meet.
Ideas/thoughts/suggestions? One thought someone had was to add a ride on BTMR? Had planned that for our day 2 at MK…

Any help appreciated!

Maybe the rapunzel meet and greet… sometimes those lines get long fast… or Winnie the Pooh?

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Ok i would not fast pass small world or under the sea or even dumbo or philharmagic.

Go for Peter pan and 7dmt.

Others Consider winnie the pooh, enchanted tales with Belle, meet and greets

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We will be at MK that day too, but we are focusing on other side of the park. :slight_smile: Are you onsite or offsite? If onsite, is your fpp day tomorrow? If so, you’ll probably get 7dmt in afternoon, pp, and I’d go for meet and greet. You don’t have ETWB on there but that’s a great FPP if you want to add. If you can get those, you could hit up virtually the rest of those rides between 9-11 I would think and then do your FPP before your break. Also, I recommend putting ariel with under the sea as they are so close.

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I’m on site. My fp day is Monday. I’m feeling hopeful for 7DMT, PP, and a meet & greet. What times do you think I should aim for? DD doesn’t want to do the Belle meet, so we’ll skip it this time.

As of right now, there are lots of 7DMT available for that day (I just checked and I could modify mine to any time after 10). Based on your list of rides, I’d aim for 10, 11, and 12 and hit as many things as you can before about 1045 and then start your FPP. Then tap in at 12 for the 3rd and try for a 4th for after your break. Good luck tomorrow! Spring Break is just around the corner (I say as I sit here looking at the snow outside)

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I think I would RD Ariel’s Grotto. Her line always seems to get so long! And then maybe meet Tiana and Rapunzel after that. PPF and 7D are obviously great FP choices.

I’m not sure about same day availability for Tink but if that’s a fairly easy one then maybe even RD Tiana/Rapunzel and FP Ariel, PPF and 7D. I feel like everything else you want to tackle has plenty of same day FP availability so I’d make your FPs for as early as possible and then just start picking up more FPs to finish up Fantasyland and then snag your Tink one as your last one of the day.

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