Help with how to get to Garden Grill for Pre-RD ADR

I would love some help from you WDW gurus with figuring out how to make this work: We (3 adults) have a pre-RD 8:15 am ADR at Garden Grill on Dec. 26. Will we be allowed to get there from the Int’l Gateway entrance? We want to walk over from the Swan hotel. Two other questions: Will we be allowed to get to the restaurant before our official reservation time? And then, once we’ve eaten (assuming our food comes quickly), do you think we can get to FEA before the masses descend? Thanks so much for any help with this!

The gateway will be open for you.
Could you really imagine if WDW would NOT allow you in to take your money? Especially if you’re paying for an Epcot Area resort? Kidding aside…
Enjoy your 10 minute walk from Swan, by the way. It’s such a nice walk. Swan, bridge, Boardwalk, bridge, International Gateway. It almost takes the same amount of time to type as it does to walk it.

You’ll probably have a decent head start, and I’m sure the servers at GG know the routine. Perhaps ask for the bill early. Sounds like you hooked it up right. I’d be at the IG probably 7:45 ish, Leave the room at 7:30, and have a leisurely stroll.


Yeah, it didn’t make sense initially to me, either, but I was afraid in my worst-case scenario that only the front entrance would be open (can you just walk around the outside of the park to the other entrance?!? I really don’t want to have to find out!). Thank you so much for the info. I’m really looking forward to this trip!

I did a test touring plan for that day. With walking speed set to fast it estimates 14 minutes to get from Garden Grill to FEA. I know some have reported success at getting into Garden Grill early, but when we arrived early for an 8:25 pre-rd reservation we got in maybe 5-10 minutes early. If you don’t get in much earlier than your reservation time it might be tight to beat the crowds to FEA. You could easily beat the crowds to Soarin’ though.

Soarin’ before the crowds get there would be awesome! We’ll get to Garden Grill early, just in case.

Yep! I would plan Soaring right after GG and FP FEA. You can single rider TT with a group of adults.

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