Help with FPP selection

I have to select FPP in the next few weeks. I optimized personalized TP’s, made some changes, & evaluated. This is the basics. I was hoping you guys could help me tweak it? What’s good, what’s bad, what do I need to change? It’s myself, DH, GS9, & GS8, 3rd Disney vacation but 1st in Orlando. We are staying at Pop so I plan to utilize AM EMH, rest in the afternoon, then return. Thanks in advance.

Wed June 1, 5pm FP PP, 6pm FP Belle, 6:40pm BOG, 8pm FP 7DMT and see Wishes.
I read somewhere not to book ADR’s on arrival day, but I’d already booked it. Our flight lands at approx. 12:50pm, so surely I can make it?

Thur June 2, 4pm FP Meet Mickey, 5pm FP 7DMT, 5:40pm CRT, 7:30pm FP Space Mountain.
I plan to do Epcot AM EMH, leave around noon or 1 for a break, then head to MK. I will change this if Frozen or Soarin happen to open, but I don’t think the kids would be interested in WS.

Fri June 3, 11:30am FP 7DMT, 12:10pm BOG lunch, 12:30pm FP BTMRR, 1:30pm FP Splash Mountain, rest, 5:20pm CP ADR & MSEP.

Sat June 4, 10:30am TH ADR, 4:30pm EE, 5:30pm, Kali River Rapids, 6:30pm Safari.
Hopefully I can change these to nighttime FP’s for Sunset Safari & ROL when info is released. I’ll also try to get a ROL dining package with my TH ADR.

Sun June 5, 10am FP TSMM, 11am FP Star Tours, 12pm FP TOT, 5:30pm Sci-Fi, 9:00pm Fantasmic.

Mon June 6, 8:45am MK Welcome Show, 10:30am FP Peter Pan, 12:00pm FP Space Mountain, 1:00pm FP Buzz, 4:55pm LTT ADR.
I also have a 7:50pm ADR for Ohana. My original plan was to watch Wishes from the beach after dinner. I have to decide which of these to keep.

Tue June 7, 8am BOG, 10am FP BTMRR, 11am FP Slash Mountain, 1pm FP Space Mountain, 3pm FOF parade, 6pm 1900 PF, 10pm A Kiss Goodnight.
This is our last full day so I hope to go slow, watch shows, and make it without a break. We’ve done it at Disneyland, so we shall see.

Wed June 8, 10am FP TSMM, 11am FP Star Tours, 12pm FP TOT, 3pm leave park, 440pm Magical Express, 740pm Depart MCO.

I know I’ve used FPP for the same rides over multiple days. I’ve been checking MDE, and I think I can get same day fast passes for rides like POTC, Aladdin, & Pooh. The kids usually like to ride those several times.
I don’t know about 7DMT, but I think they’ll like it.

We only got to ride PP once. It wasn’t a FP attraction at DL. We stay off property, and the line was too long. Because of that, my thought was to FP what I know I can’t get that day & get same day FP or queue the others.

Also, I’ve noticed Jungle Cruise has long waits & lot’s of people FP it. Is the ride different in Orlando? It’s usually a walk on in Anaheim if you time it right. If we miss it this year we’ll be ok unless it’s different.

Anyway, any advice on my plan would be appreciated. Thanks.

To clarify, we’ve never ridden Aladdin. They don’t have it at DL, but I think they’ll like it, and I think I can get a same day FP, if not, we will queue it.

I do this all the time! Honestly, I use my FPs almost always for HS and MK. It is great to know you will be able to do your favorites.

I would take a chance with your BOG dinner the first night. I think you have enough time. You know your GSs but my son would never go to EP without visiting the Japanese Department Store! My son was really into Pokemon and Anime so even as an adult he will

Thanks, PrincipalTinker. I feel like I should rethink Epcot. I have day and night time scheduled for every park except Epcot. I thought about taking the monorail over there one evening. I imagine it’s pretty spectacular in the dark. The issue I ran in to is an 8pm sunset & 9pm closing. There is evening EMH on our last day there. Maybe then, but I did want to spend our last full day in MK.

illumiNationswill start at 9:00–so you will leave around 9:30 or so. It makes for an easy rope drop the next day!