Help with Epcot TP

I have a 3 hour wait in between attractions. At first it was better, when I had Jammitors, Sergio, and Servuer Ammusement in the plan. But that added like 20 minutes each attraction for walking…for those 3 alone was about an extra hour of walking alone and not sure those 3 things are worth it. Any ideas on to best fill up this time. We dont want to watch films/educaitonal/history stuff. Myself, wife and 7 yr old, 11 year olds. Any thoughts to making this more efficient. Only thing i can think of is to ditch the Illuminations and maybe the lunch reservation.

Are you wanting to fill the three hour wait, or just shorten the plan? I think you could easily spend three hours just walking around the world showcase, looking into all the different pavilions, trying snacks and drinks. My kids love Agent P, the kidcot fun stops, and seeing all the different shops and things like the train in Germany etc. If you do that, you will likely also happen along some shows as you go (so it wouldn’t add a lot of extra walking). Also, there are characters to meet in Epcot that are a lot of fun. Two of our favorite memories from the last trip was my youngest walking past Donald Duck in his sombrero and dragging me into the line to meet him while the mariachi band played behind us. And our whole family got a kick out of meeting Aladdin and Jasmine. Or, as an alternative, maybe you could plan a break outside the park. Or, as another alternative you could plan on just leaving early, since you seem willing to skip Illuminations. Or if you really want to see illuminations, plan a later arrival at the park. With some strategic rearranging and fast-passes you could still probably get to most of what you have here.

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My son (9) loves Agent P and we did the adventures in Germany, France and Japan this trip. Agent P in Mexico is indoors which will give you a break from the sun. You can now play on your own smart phone and it lets you choose a new adventure each time. I think your 3 hours will be easily filled within the world show case. Drink some yummy beverages. I would recommend adding Turtle Talk with Crush. However, it is a long day during very warm weather. You might want to consider a break. The Canadian Movie is quite funny. Think of the movies as a nice break in AC. If you are onsite you might want to take a break at your resort.

good ideas…

i didnt think of starting later…but might be a good idea too…the agent P stuff would be ok for my 7 yr old but dont think the 11 yr old girls will enjoy…but maybe they can go off with mom while me and him do agent p…thanks everyone