Help with Epcot fastpass

I had it all planned out until they threw in the soarin change so I dropped test track. We have a lot of little children and a couple school agers traveling (13 of us). I plan to get there at rd to do test track with the big ones, possibly sum of all thrills and mission space green. We have a fp for spaceship earth and of course soarin. We can’t really decide on a 3rd. It’s high priority we do seas with nemo and turtle talk. If we did a fp on one of these, which is the better pick. We’re going June 1.

In April the Seas with Nemo was a less than 10 minutes wait (really just slowly moving a long the queue. Tuttle Talk was backed up two shows (I think it may draw a few more people since it also just added some Finding Dory characters).

Don’t forget to take advantage of child swap (even if you just save the passes for later).

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I would go with turtle talk. It is a fun one for the whole group. I agree with using the rider swap when you can.

I guess it totally depends on the day, but we got the FP for Nemo, which saved maybe 10 min. Then we walked right into Turtle Talk with no wait.

I’ve been reading that Mission Space is going back to Tier II now that Soarin is open again. You might want to double check that and see if you can get Mission Space instead.

Nemo ride is continiously loading, so it will feel like you’re moving quicker if that queue is long. However, Turtle Talk lets in a lot of people at one time, so once the line moves, it moves in big chunks.
Probably depends which you’re more interesting in. Turtle Talk is more entertaining than Nemo because it’s live interaction. I’d say get the fast pass for Turtle Talk.

Thanks, I guess I’ll just leave it at turtle talk, I was trying to decide if I should switch. I have spaceship earth at 10:05-11:05 so I planned to try and get in a ride at test track, sum of all thrills and mission space green in before our fp if possible. I did check and could switch mission space now, but the times weren’t compatible and I’ve heard green shouldn’t be too much of a wait. Definitely a good thought to switch though. Then after SE we’ll head over to seas then use our fp for turtle talk 11:15-12:15 and our soarin fp at 12:15. There was one at 9, but given our itinerary it seemed best to place it at the end? There’s nothing else I can really see us using the fp on so I think TTwC is our best bet. I feel like we may be wasting it but we’re already doing a lot of character breakfasts so not interested in that fp. Thanks for your help!