Help with EP please!

I’m struggling with how much time to plan for Future World! We have a group of 11 (7 adults, 4 kids-6,6,4,2) so I feel like we will spend a lot of time in FW-West. Have FPP for Test Track, Mission Space, and Spaceship Earth as I read the other ones for the kids aren’t a good use of FP (couldn’t get FEA!). We are hoping to do Soarin’ as well for a few of us. Should I plan on doing the West or East side first? How long for each side? I’ve been playing with personalize TP but am still struggling…help!

Anyone?? Please!!

Hard to say. We usually do FW in the morning, then head to WS for lunch. If no FPP for Soarin’, go there first.

It seems you have FW-East pretty well covered with the FPP. The only thing left is Ellen’s Universe of Energy. If you want to do FEA or Soarin then I would try to rope drop one of them. FW-West is a place you can spend some time. Living with the Land, Soarin, Character Spot, Turtle Talk with Crush, The whole Seas area and the Nemo Ride. I would put the rides into TP and then the character spot can get long lines. I am going to assume with the little ones that characters will be important. The character spot has Baymax (about 15 minutes on average when we were there - line moves quick because of no autographs), Joy and Sadness (it was an hour wait during the middle of the day), the fabulous Mickey, Minnie and Goofy can take a while (about 30 minutes).
I personally would keep your FPP they are great, but after those are done try to get either Soarin or FEA (if lucky) and if those aren’t available I know we have had luck getting Character Spot and Nemo Ride (can’t think of the actual name) to help with time. Don’t forget to add Figment - love that little purple critter.
Which side you do first depends on which ride you want to go for first. If you go for Soarin or even FEA, I would try to catch the characters until your FPP times for TT, Mission Space and Spaceship Earth.
I hope this helps some.

I’d honestly rope drop Soarin’. Then go tackle your FP’s and while in line for SE, try and book a FP for either the Land or the Seas. Sometimes, depending on the crowds, the Land gets crazy wait times, mostly due to how long the ride actually is; however, in my opinion, its so worth it. The Seas is a fun one too, but it moves a lot quicker and rarely gets as long of a wait as the Land. I’d do Character Spot right before or right after lunch because the Electrcic Umbrella is right there and is a good spot to eat at. FEA is going to be your biggest problem because of the size of the party and the time you’ll be getting there. If it was me, I would look at it after lunch and if the wait was 100+ mins (which it most likely will be), I’d come back and wait in line right before closing. If you’re able to ride FEA before closing, Figment is always a nice little ride to do right before leaving as it’s on the way out. You can also grab a FP for Figment as they will more than likely be available. Hope this helps out!