Help with Dinning prices

I hope that someone can help me with this. I would like to go to Tusker’s House for dinner one day out of my upcoming trip, but we will be bringing more people. Last time I was there for a character lunch…and it was expensive! for a family of 4 (2 Disney Kids) in June. My next trip is in November and we will have 7 (5 adults and 2 Disney Kids). When looking at the Disney site…there is a price range. Are the prices for restaurants dependent on peak seasons? Considering that it is a Buffet…shouldn’t the price be set? The range is $35-$60 per adult but there is a huge difference between $175 and $300 (just for the adults!) Any help would be appreciated.


I find this thread from disboards to be helpful for looking at buffet prices.

The prices are also all listed on the touring plans lines app under the browse menu by location tab


I think this is a pretty reliable source:

I looked at other sites that said that the RoL package is two credits and discounted them since that is wrong.

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You guy are Awesome!