Help with dining please- a ADR newbie!

Trip is late April, DS10 and myself. Staying at YC. Neither of is super into dining. We’re more of Mickey pretzel (me) and quick service cheeseburger (him) kinda people. We’ve done a total of one dining reservation before (Tusker House, will not return). I would like to make a few reservations for this trip, as we are trying to have a more relaxed experience and there are a few places I’d like to try now that DS10 is old enough to somewhat appreciate them, ha!

One consideration for me is that DS10 is a Disney adult and will be charged as such. Therefore, I’m avoiding any places that force him to order adult meals at adult prices!

  1. Space 220 Lounge- we will be there for a week, what are the chances that I’ll get this at all? What about on day 6 or 7? We do have park hoppers so I’m open to using a reservation finder for a random time.
  2. The other places I’d like to reserve are San Angel Inn (convenient from YC), Steakhouse 71 (before a MK evening) and Yak & Yeti (maybe, I’m thinking I’d rather do Nomad Lounge). I’m assuming that there isn’t much of a problem getting any of these at any time I desire?
  3. The new Toy Story restaurant is on my radar, in case a miracle happens and it opens.
  4. Any other suggestions for sit down dining, based on what I’ve posted so far? Nearby YC or in/near a park, I’m not interested in making a special trip to a resort.



I know for sure Y&Y is a lot more of a challenge than you’d expect.

Don’t sleep on Ale & Compass or Trattoria al Forno for both affordable and accessible (read: anyone can eat there) food.

Don’t bother with Big River Grille.


It was interesting that in my recent trip many restaurants offered the kids menu to my 10 year-old, and we didn’t even ask. Feels like some policy or guidance must have changed, I don’t know.

We really liked it there. Service was amazing, food delicious, and you can’t beat the atmosphere.


Oh yeah, forgot A&C (and forgot that there are reservations for it too). Adding it to the list.

A&C and Trattoria are both really easy to get.

Keep in mind that that the pizza window at Boardwalk serves pretty decent pizza. Good choice for a late night meal. Both myself and @ryan1 had good experience there.


Adding the pizza window to my QS list. Will help get DS away from the cheeseburgers.

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It actually really does. That’s good stuff.

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Any reason why you are not considering Beaches & Cream? Sounds like a place you might enjoy, based on what you described.

I don’t hear great things about B&C’s food! I take it that you’re a fan?

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B&C is really great actually. But I didn’t suggest it because it sounded like you were trying to get AWAY from the burger scene :wink: And it’s a tough one to get, also


Yeah I thought I should leave it for those who really want it, lol.


I’m not really a fan actually. I think the food is kind of meh. I think it’s popular because of the menu with many shakes and the famous kitchen sink.

If you are interested in trying the kitchen sink or the shakes, you could have dinner somewhere else and go there only for desserts. That’s what I did my first time there.

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You’ll have walking access to the Epcot Area Resorts (except CBR.) I’m a die hard Kimonos fan, and that would be my number one with a bullet. Since you are interested in San Angel and noted it was convenient, I’d also suggest Tepan Edo, especially if DS10 has not done teppanyaki.

If you guys haven’t done Hoop De Doo, it’s worth the effort to get there after MK. DS10 might freekin LOVE it. I hate to pull at heartstrings as a recommendation, but that was one of the fondest memories I have of watching my son laugh and enjoy himself (9 or 10 at the time) - not just at Disneyworld, but ever. He literally didn’t even know why his stomach hurt the next day when he woke up (after I carried him to the hotel room.) It was because he laughed so hard.


Yeah, Hoop De Doo Revue is a good time. If your stomach isn’t hurting your face will be. And your ears - it’s loud. I wanted to go there our last trip but it just re-opened days before we arrived at the World and I never saw any availability.

We - two oldsters - traveled with 2 teens. One teen always got main entrees. The other teen always ordered from the children’s menu. We 2 oldsters either ordered soup or salad from the appetizer menu or entrees from the kids’ menu.

We ate at

Coral Reef
Ale and Compass
Rose and Crown
Tony’s Town Square
Turf Club (our resort)

The teens would not repeat Tiifins as not being a good value - they each paid for their own meals. Coral Reef was liked for the ambiance but again, not a good food value.

Tony’s and Ale & Compass were their choices for best value meals.

While trip planning the teens looked at menus from restaurants. Menu choices probably dictate our restaurant selections.


You should not have any issues getting this on day 6 or day 7.


++ @OBNurseNH Y&Y is doable if you want to each lunch at 10:30 or dinner at 4:00, but otherwise it is a challenge. I recently stalked a WDW Y&Y ADR up to the day before we left for Orlando before I got the 12:45 I was looking for.

I had purchased a Landry’s card to use as a last resort but discovered while speaking the to Y&Y manager on duty that they only turn away walk-ins with a Landry’s card on the rarest of occasions. Plus you get the cost of your membership taken off of your bill at the first Landry’s restaurant you visit, including Y&Y.


We absolutely loved Space 220! My DD9 and her friends were completely mesmerized with the atmosphere.

She also loved Whispering Canyon. She laughed so hard at the waiters and customers asking for ketchup…like true belly laughing!

Topolinos breakfast…enough said! If you are lucky enough to snag it, grab it!!!


I think I’m going to save this one for when I take DS6!

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